Populist Revolt Spreading Across the West


by Alex Newman, Liberty Sentinel:

All over the world, the peasants and the tax serfs are getting restless. That is the message that voters are sending loud and clear. From Argentina, Brazil, and India to the United States, Italy, Sweden, the Netherlands, and beyond, politically incorrect populist leaders and political parties are surging at the polls. In many cases, they are becoming the dominant political force as awareness grows surrounding the “Great Reset” and other totalitarian schemes from Big Business and Big Government elitists.

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Consumers are revolting against the Zeitgeist, too. Just consider the powerful messages being sent to “woke” companies like Target, Bud Light, Disney, and BlackRock, among others, in the form of boycotts, withdrawing investment, and more. In short, Americans and people around the world are sick and tired of having anti-social ideas shoved down their throats. And the trends look set to accelerate in the years ahead.

The signs were already obvious in 2016 — at least to those paying attention. It began in the summer in Britain when voters, in defiance of the entire political and media class, voted to secede from the increasingly aggressive superstate known as the European Union. After decades of abuse at the hands of EU bureaucrats and uncontrolled immigration, voters had enough and said so, risking the doom and gloom predicted by disgraced Prime Minister David Cameron and others.

Next, it was Americans’ turn. Despite well over 90 percent of network news coverage being negative and unprecedented opposition from the Republican establishment and the Democrats, Donald Trump cruised toward a massive victory that shook elitists in the press and government to their core. Trump ran on an openly populist platform, vowing to return power to the people and crush the Deep State that had been spitting on Americans for generations. And he won.

The establishment fought back, of course. One of the key reasons why the Deep State believed it was losing the narrative war was the proliferation of competing views online. And so, censorship and rigging of algorithms would quickly become the next major tool in the establishment’s war against the public uprising that was spreading like wildfire on both sides of the Atlantic.

No single voice was more prominent than Alex Jones and his media empire, Infowars. To get a sense of his influence, consider that when he was banned in 2018, the year after Trump took office, in addition to the millions listening via his nationally syndicated radio program or his millions followers on social-media platforms, Jones had 2.5 million subscribers just on YouTube.

For perspective, that was about a million more than Fox News, the leading cable news station, and almost 2 million more than legacy networks CBS News or NBC News had attracted so far. The Washington Post had fewer than 400,000 subscribers a week after the purge of Jones began, while the New York Times had fewer than 1.5 million. Jones’ election coverage was often getting more views online than all the legacy media — combined! And so, one day, every major online platform banned him.

But censoring Jones — and later Trump himself — would not stem the tsunami of awakening sweeping the United States and the Western world. As current events show clearly, that stunning revolt against the elitist plan for humanity is growing stronger by the minute. In fact, virtually every credible poll shows Donald Trump crushing every Republican and Democrat challenger in the 2024 election, despite the endless stream of politically motivated felony charges.

This awakening is hardly limited to the United States. What follows is a round-up of some of the major developments in the populist wave sweeping the globe — especially in Latin America and Europe, nations that have historically been considered part of the West, also known as the “Free World” or Christendom in earlier generations.

After almost a century of socialism, big government, corruption, and globalism, the people of Argentina decided late last year they were fed up. In one of the most stunning victories of a political outsider in recent memory, Argentina voted overwhelmingly for populist Javier Milei. This bomb-throwing libertarian with disheveled hair vowed to cut his nation’s bloated government down to size — and to do it quickly. Ignoring their wannabe superiors in the media and politics, with help from hand-counted paper ballots, the people of Argentina launched a political earthquake.

On his very first day in office, Milei delivered on his signature “AFUERA” promise to slash the number of government ministries. Using an executive order, he eliminated more than half of all the government ministries. Among those on the chopping block: Ministries of education, science and technology, culture, environment, social development, and more. Next up, Milei has planned enormous decreases in taxes and spending.

Milei was not the first Latin American populist to defy the powerful far-left cabal that dominates regional politics and win. In 2018, former military man and hardcore conservative Jair Bolsonaro cruised to victory in Brazil by promising to stop the Marxist takeover of his country, expand personal freedom, and return to the Christian values that have always underpinned Western civilization. While Bolsonaro’s enemies were able to steal the 2022 election and stage a replica of the January 6 “attack” to take down his supporters, every honest analyst understands that the movement Bolsonaro leads is not going anywhere.

The year after Bolsonaro’s victory in Brazil, conservative populist Nayib Bukele won a landslide victory in El Salvador. Right away, he got to work cleaning up the corruption and crime that has plagued his nation for generations. And analysts expect voters to reward him with another major victory in the 2024 election as works to continue the policies that have made him so popular.

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