Are We on The Doorstep of Another Civil War?


by John Kudla, American Thinker:

Before I get into my analysis, I want to make it clear I believe that anyone who wants a civil war to happen in the U.S. is dangerously naïve, insane, or working for one of America’s enemies.  Imagine a Russia-Ukraine-type conflict in the U.S.

Thanks to Hollywood, most Americans believe that rebellions can be started and won by small ragtag groups of patriots, freedom fighters, insurrectionists, or everyday common folk.  All you need are pistols, assault weapons, bows and arrows, and maybe a few Molotov cocktails.  Blow up the Death Star, and the problem is solved.


But that is not how it usually works.  Revolutions require armaments, soldiers, money, something worth fighting for, and popular support.  Unless lives are at stake, few people are angry or committed enough to leave jobs or families to risk going to jail or dying needlessly.

The most daunting task is overcoming the opposition.  The weaponry and manpower available to peacekeepers in our country is formidable.  This includes the local sheriff’s departments, city police, state police, National Guard, and various federal agencies, most notably the FBI.  Plus, in a crisis, these organizations will usually work together.  An uprising of twenty, fifty, or even a hundred-plus armed citizens would quickly fail.

Ever heard of the Whiskey Rebellion of 1794?  In 1791, Congress passed a distilled spirits tax.  Residents of western Pennsylvania, who used whiskey as money, protested and refused to pay the tax.  Sporadic acts of violence and resistance began, along with threats to secede from the Union.  The unrest culminated in 1794, when a group of around 600 armed citizens took a federal marshal prisoner.  When the government sent 13,000 troops, commanded by George Washington, to restore order, the rebels went home without firing a shot.

What about John Brown’s Raid?  In 1859, abolitionist John Brown and 21 other armed followers attempted to start a slave rebellion by capturing the Federal Arsenal in Harper’s Ferry, Virginia.  He and his followers were confronted by U.S. Marines, commanded by Colonel Robert E. Lee.  Ten of the rebels were killed during the ensuing firefight.  Seven more were tried and hanged later.

Remember the Weather Underground?  This was a Marxist antiwar faction that wanted to start a revolution by radicalizing students to oppose the Vietnam War.  The Weathermen, a group of around 400 people, were involved in numerous bombings of federal and state facilities between 1969 and 1973.  Almost all of them were eventually arrested and imprisoned.

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