Over 5,200 Biden Donors Are Bankrolling Nikki Haley’s Campaign


by Jack Montgomery, The National Pulse:

Nimarata ‘Nikki’ Haley’s failing presidential campaign is being bankrolled by over 5,200 former donors to Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign, lending credence to Donald Trump’s contention that she is only remaining in the race to try and damage him ahead of the general election.

The Biden donors underwriting Haley include 1,600 people who donated over $500,000 in January alone — her biggest month for donations ever, despite the fact she was crushed by Trump in Iowa, where she placed third, and New Hampshire.

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Previously, the former United Nations ambassador received hundreds of thousands of dollars from Reid Hoffman, the LinkedIn billionaire and visitor to Epstein Island who has also bankrolled E. Jean Carroll and Russia hoaxers Fusion GPS.

“While I am a staunch supporter of Biden and hope he will win a second term, I also provided financial support to Nikki Haley’s super PAC [because] my first priority is to defeat Trump, and the [Republican] primary is the first of two chances to do so,” he explained in December.

Hoffman dropped Haley after her defeat in New Hampshire, however, apparently deciding she was no longer a viable means of stopping Trump.

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