I’ve Waited A Long Time For This…


by Corey Lynn, Corey’s Digs:

I’ve waited a long time for this. Pulling myself out of the quicksand has been more difficult than I ever imagined it would be. I knew that if I followed this calling it would be heavy, dark, and intense, but I also knew that it had to be done before the “soul” and “energy” could be the main topics of discussion.

People often ask me why I do the work I do. My friends and family thought I lost my mind because politics, corruption, and sinister people were things I always stayed far away from, but they also understood why this work was necessary. The truth is, I didn’t want to do this work. I didn’t want to delve into the darkest corners of the universe and expose elements of evil I knew I would find. I didn’t want to trace the money to show all the ways it is used against mankind. And, I didn’t want to find myself in a place of doubt, which is something I had never experienced until stepping in this quicksand.

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So why did I endeavor to do this work in the first place? For decades I’ve been shown where the future is headed and asked to “open people’s eyes” and “write with weapons of passion” to expose “the darkness that resides” because “light must be restored and balance will follow.” I was shown many things about events unfolding and told that “people will need to learn to let go of judgement, for there will be much to judge.” But the key was always leading up to “showing others their uniqueness” and true power. I always got a sort of tap on the shoulder when it was time to begin writing and what to write next.

Despite this seemingly runaway train of chaos ensuing, it never threw me off balance, never created doubt, and never prevented me from living in the flow with joy and the ability to manifest. At least, not until I began building out the web of agendas against humanity that I was encouraged to write about, and which I felt an obligation to do. For some reason, being told about terrible events and individuals doesn’t quite have the same impact as digging into their lives, thoughts, words, money, actions, energy field, and connections. When you walk a hundred miles through mud, it becomes difficult to remember how lush grass once felt between your toes.

I kept asking, “how many more agendas against humanity must I piece together in big picture format before this part of my job is done?” And then, I would see another big agenda that people needed to be made aware of so they could better navigate the terrain. Timing is a funny thing. I would begin a big report, typically winding up at 50+ pages, then something in life would stall me for a few days or sometimes a few weeks, and then new information – another “dot” – would reveal itself that was the final link that needed to be added for the full scope to be seen. I learned long ago to trust delayed moments. There was generally something not yet seen or about to happen.

A few months ago I found myself with a loss of words, which anyone who has ever read my work or listened to our weekly podcast knows is a rare thing for me. It’s okay, you can laugh. I laugh at myself all the time. I reached a point where I was recognizing that the exposure part was coming to a completion since I had documented the majority of major agendas against humanity, the “take action” and “solutions” part was necessary but not the ultimate key to unlock the cages everyone had put themselves in or had been put into. It was then that I finally reached the point that was the goal all along – to show others their uniqueness – because this is where the true power lies. This is where the magic happens.

Of all the corruption that has ever been carried out, the absolute biggest and longest standing move against mankind has been to control the narrative around people’s true power and abilities everyone was born into on this wonderful earth. This goes beyond the soul and the spirit because the earth provides another dimension we are able to tune into. When this energy is understood, coupled with the soul and intention, manifestation is endless. This has been intentionally stripped from human minds through false narratives, labels, indoctrination, and an abundance of other avenues that the “dark forces” will stop at nothing to carry out because they know that if people remember this direct line to God, the universe and everyone in it, it would be game over. Just as churches were built with “authority figures” who set rules so people would turn to the church instead of their direct line to God. This is what “waking up” is really about. This is why so many are still “asleep.” This is the awareness they absolutely do not want people to have because it can hinder their efforts in so many ways. Their game of fear, chaos, and distraction would have a minimal impact and people’s positive state of mind and wellness would be a difficult barrier to break through.

Sometimes what is unseen has the biggest impact. The ripple effect from each individual is like a 220 amp charge to light up the dark. If one could actually see the exchange and drain of energy with their own eyes, it would be easy to know when to plunge forth or stop feeding it. Energy is life force and no one can exist without it – not a tree, a bug, a dog, a star, a blade of grass, the earth, and most certainly not a human. This field is not just a source of life, it carries a source of knowledge through frequencies, much like tuning into a radio station. Their goal of AI and transhumanism is to further control everyone’s life force, people’s exchange of energy and health, and continue to keep people in the dark about how the mind, body, and spirit are an incredible trio that threatens the dark forces very existence.

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