EXCLUSIVE: Who Won Georgia in 2020? New Evidence Provides Vital Clues – And How to Stop Voter Fraud in Georgia in 2024 BEFORE Election Day!


from The Gateway Pundit:

6 weeks ago, Georgia and Florida citizens asked Fractal to gather official Georgia 2020 election data, provided by the Secretary of State, to determine who won Georgia in 2020.

The Fractal team applied quantum-result Fractal technology, delivering insight impossible with obsolete SQL relational systems – currently used by every secretary of state in America – and every national voter integrity organization.

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Using Fractal quantum technology – the Fractal team built a “digital sandbox” with all available Georgia data – from many sources – recreating with official records, what happened in Georgia in 2020.

What you will see in this video – the first of several upcoming Georgia videos – is why every state in the U.S. has from 5% to 20% of its voter roll with inaccurate data. 

That’s alarming when elections are determined by less than 1% of the vote!

This video below shows first-time voter registration rolls, cast ballot rolls, death records, known address records, Georgia county property tax records, NCOA change of address records and other databases integrated into a single Fractal “query surface” – accessible with one click – from any digital device – even a phone.

At 200 million transactions per second!

Using advanced Fractal quantum analysis, artificial intelligence techniques tested at the MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab, similarity search, cross database search – Fractal determines how “clean” Georgia voter rolls were in 2020 – and offers insight into whether the Georgia ERIC system did its purported job.

ERIC, used by Georgia to clean its voter rolls – is highlighted throughout this analysis – live for every viewer to see.

As the video shows, with a single click, a user can determine if a voter cast a ballot yet was not in the voter registration file.  If they did, why didn’t ERIC catch it?

With a single click, one can determine if a Georgia voter has multiple official voter IDs – the equivalent of having multiple Social Security Numbers.  If so, why didn’t ERIC catch it?

*With a single click, one can determine if a Georgia 2020 voter cast a ballot from an ineligible address – like a warehouse, UPS store, Post Office or vacant lot – that was counted!  In such a case, why didn’t ERIC catch it?

This Fractal Georgia database is the single largest database of Georgia voter data ever integrated into a single query surface – offering the user the ability to ask complex questions – from their phone – with a single click – results at 200 million transactions per second.

No complex programming – no expensive computers.  This system was built in 3 weeks.

This Fractal system runs on a computer smaller than two packs of cigarettes – costing less than $300.

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