Doug Casey on the Migrant Crisis and the States Increasingly Defying the Feds


by Doug Casey, International Man:

International Man: During his presidency, Joe Biden implemented an open border policy with thousands of migrants entering the US daily.

The number of migrants that have entered the US illegally since Biden took office is easily in the millions. The invasion has put immense pressure on frontline states.

Where do you think this trend is headed?


Doug Casey: In December 2023 alone, at least 300,000 of these people crossed the border. The numbers are going up. And I wonder, where are you going to put them? They arrive with nothing more than the shirts on their backs, but need a place to sleep and something to eat.

What is the purpose of welcoming these people in to become wards of the State? There is already no place to put them, other than schools, airports, or public buildings. But millions more are on the way. Many hotels, like the Roosevelt in New York, have been rented for them. For the next step, people may be asked, or ordered, to make their second homes or guest houses available to the migrants. Or perhaps spare bedrooms in their homes.

You might think that’s absurd. And it is. But something will be done to accommodate millions of aliens who are encouraged to enter the US. They’re immediately made into welfare recipients.

The number of migrants is certain to grow. Government-funded NGOs give most of them debit cards and cellphones. They come from the world’s poorest places. You can be certain that one of the first calls that they make is to friends back home, saying “Come to America.”

They all, understandably, want to leave their shithole countries. They walk across Mexico, and pile up at the border. They’re welcomed into the US, drawn by the certainty of food, lodging, medical care, and cash. They then become America’s problem.

Why is this happening? We can conjecture. Maybe the Dems see new voters for the coming election. Maybe it’s a desire to replace white people. Maybe altruists think it’s just the right thing to do. Maybe it’s a visceral hatred of America, and what it stands for. But the result will be utter chaos in the US over the next few years. Even if the border is closed after the elections, many millions more will still pile up in Mexico. Most migrants are young males. They (justifiably, at this point) hold Americans in complete contempt for being weak, soft, and lacking self-respect. Many will form up into criminal gangs.

The situation hasn’t even started to get out of control yet. But it will as millions and millions more of these people enter in 2024.

International Man: Border states like Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico are at the forefront and dealing with large numbers of people.

In response, Texas began sending migrants by bus and train to “sanctuary cities” like New York, Washington DC, and Chicago. The Mayor of New York, Eric Adams, has complained about the influx of migrants and the city’s inability to handle and house them.

What do you think about this?

Doug Casey: I’m not a fan of local or state government officials. They’re mostly petty hacks trying to leverage themselves into the big time, which is to say, Washington DC. Don’t count on them to solve the problem.

But it’s understandable why Texas doesn’t want the migrants hanging around. If the migrants were Americans, they might be called vagrants. That’s the traditional term for people who are homeless, penniless, and unemployed. Of course they want to ship them to “sanctuary” cities.

Among other problems, the local poor, especially blacks in northern ghettos, resent the newcomers being put up in hotels, with free debit cards, food, and cellphones. Of course, a lot of the blacks on welfare get these things anyway, but they resent incoming migrants getting them immediately. Earlier waves of Hispanics, who were mostly opportunity seekers, resent the newcomers getting a free ride. It’s a formula for discontent.

Meanwhile, although the US federal government can print any amount of money to import and support migrants, local governments have to tax the money from local residents. The wealthy will gather in gated communities, or just move out. Millions of penniless migrants from Mogadishu, Caracas, Port-au-Prince, and Lagos will degrade the quality of life wherever they land.

The situation will probably resolve itself over time. Fifty years from now things will have stabilized. But the future America will be quite different, and it’s likely to be an unpleasant trip as we find out how bad things have to get before they resolve.

Let’s say we have 20 million totally illegal recent migrants wandering around the US by the end of 2024. Can they be exported back to where they came from? That’s unlikely. Many of them (understandably and intelligently) burn their passports once they arrive. They can’t even get on a plane, barring special dispensation. If they do, when they arrive back in China, or Senegal, or wherever, the airlines are fined big bucks for letting somebody board without a legal document. And will be forced to carry them back to the US.

The question is: How do you get rid of these people once they’re in the US? Rounding them up would take a police state. I suspect they’re here to stay.

Furthermore, these migrants are quite unlike those from the early 20th century. Then the migrants were culturally similar to Americans. That’s important. But more important, those people had to fend for themselves immediately. These people don’t. They’re being actively drawn to the US by massive welfare benefits, which encourage the wrong kind of immigrant, and corrupt all concerned. What’s now a flood will turn into a tidal wave in the months to come. Many will compete with native American derelicts for space on sidewalks in places like San Francisco.

As an AnCap, I’m for the free flow of people across borders. But that’s only reasonably possible when you have a true free market and strict property rights. If you enter a country without money, where are you going to stay? If all property was privately owned, nobody would tolerate squatters. Which, incidentally, is becoming a big problem.

Migrants are starting to use real estate listings to find empty houses. They then use local laws (especially in blue states) to squat. In many locales, someone who gets into a house can’t be evicted, practically as well as legally, for months.

Why, we might ask, does the government even bother having immigration and customs formalities in places like New York or LA anymore? The people that fly in have visas, credit cards, suitcases with clothes, and homes. We trouble these people, but not the migrants, who are paid to enter, and become wards of the state.

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