Chaos Reigns In The Streets Of America As An Epic Crime Wave Terrorizes The Nation


by Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse Blog:

If you were hoping that the United States would become a lawless society, you have now gotten your wish.  Some of the numbers that I am about to share with you are just mind blowing.  For example, I had no idea that police in New York City were injured by criminals thousands of times last year.  All over the nation, law enforcement is losing control and violent criminals are getting the upper hand.  We have never seen anything quite like this before, and I am entirely convinced that this crime wave is only going to get worse as economic conditions deteriorate.  Even in our capital city, crime is completely and utterly out of control.  If you can believe it, the number of carjackings in Washington D.C. was up 97.9 percent last year…


Residents of the District of Columbia paid the sixth-highest amount on car insurance when compared to the 50 states in 2023 with an average annual full-coverage rate of $2,756 last year – which amounts to nearly $230 a month, according to a report by Insurify. The report found that Washington, D.C., residents’ car insurance premiums were 37% higher than the national average, which was $2,019 for a full-coverage policy, as national auto insurance rates increased by 24% last year.

Police data show carjackings in the nation’s capital spiked by 97.9% in 2023 with 958 reported carjackings last year compared to 484 in 2022, with motor vehicle theft up 82% from 3,756 in 2022 to 6,829 in 2023. Vehicle theft in the greater Washington-Maryland-Virginia area also rose by 68% last year, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau.

Vehicle theft is even worse in some areas along the west coast.

In Oakland, approximately one out of every 30 residents had a vehicle stolen from them in 2023

Robberies grew 38% last year in Oakland, according to police data. Burglaries increased 23%. Motor vehicle theft jumped 44%. Roughly one of every 30 Oakland residents had a car stolen last year, according to a San Francisco Chronicle analysis.

On Tuesday, California Gov. Gavin Newsom announced he was taking action, deploying 120 California Highway Patrol officers to Oakland and the surrounding area to conduct a law enforcement surge operation. The aim: to crack down on crime, including vehicle theft, retail theft and violent crime.

Gavin Newsom wants to run for president at some point, and so he doesn’t want to look soft on crime.

Unfortunately for him, it is way too late for that.

Other west coast cities are also experiencing unprecedented crime waves.

In Seattle, one restaurant has actually been broken into five times in the last six months

The sound of crashing glass has become too familiar at Sandia, a Mexican restaurant in Seattle’s Laurelhurst neighborhood on NE 45th Street.

“As of today, now we have been broken into five times,” said Nathan Yeager, the owner.

In the surveillance video provided to KING 5, you can see criminals break the front door with a crowbar, climb over the counter, steal money from the till, and then sneak around while looking in every door for something to take.

There is no way that I would open a small business in Seattle.

Or Portland.

Or Oakland.

Or San Francisco.

Or Los Angeles.

Of course I could say the exact same thing about many cities on the east coast as well.

In New York City, police officers “are getting beaten at a record-setting pace”

City cops are getting beaten at a record-setting pace — a disturbing and dangerous trend fueled by radical protests, an influx of criminal migrants, bail reform, anti-cop rhetoric and soft-on-crime prosecutors, experts told The Post.

The number of cops hurt by suspects surged 20% in 2022, when 4,724 uniformed officers suffered injuries in attacks, compared to 3,933 in 2021.

But the law enforcement nightmare grew worse last year, when 4,077 cops were hurt by suspects in just the first nine months of 2023 — on pace for a record-breaking 5,436 injuries, the latest NYPD stats show.

At this stage in our societal collapse, the criminals are not even afraid to attack the cops.

It is so difficult to be a police officer these days.  They literally put their lives on the line for us every single day.

Of course the Biden administration has made the national crime wave significantly worse by allowing millions upon millions of migrants to come pouring over the southern border.

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