They Call it Biden’s Secret Internet Surveillance Court – But Really, It Seems Like a Filtering System


from The Conservative Treehouse:

A revelatory article in Politico [SEE HERE] discusses a secret tribunal that Joe Biden has created to act as an arbiter in the space between the USA internet and the EU user privacy rules.  However, if you apply the Occam’s Razor perspective, you might discover the tribunal or secret court is really just an arbiter of content, a “filtering system”.

Those who do not pretend have long ago realized the systems deployed to control information and communication will always be the priority.  You cannot intentionally abuse a victim and yet allow them to have uncontrolled contact with family, the abuser needs to keep the victim isolated.  The same is true for government in their need to control information that might expose their purpose.


Recently European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said controlling information was the #1 priority of the WEF group for 2024.  That makes sense, when you consider that organized pushback would be counter to their agenda.

The western alliance of nations is collaboratively focused on definitions to help with their disinformation, misinformation and malinformation agenda.

Into this mix comes the European Union with rules and regulations on user data, a valuable commodity when enmeshed with commerce and the internet.  The USA does not have those same rules and regulations on user privacy, all our metadata is under surveillance by corporations and government, so an arbitration system is needed where an EU member, group or nation can demand the stoppage of an American company from retaining EU user data.

Joe Biden has assembled a tribunal or quasi-judicial court system for the purpose of having a destination for EU complaints and violations.  One of the people appointed to the tribunal review team is Eric Holder.

(Via Politico) – At an undetermined date, in an undisclosed location, the Biden administration began operating a secretive new court to protect Europeans’ privacy rights under U.S. law.

Officially known as the Data Protection Review Court, it was authorized in an October 2022 executive order to fix a collision of European and American law that had been blocking the lucrative flow of consumer data between American and European companies for three years.

The court’s eight judges were named last November, including former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder. Its existence has allowed companies to resume the lucrative transatlantic data trade with the blessing of EU officials.

The details get blurry after that.

The court’s location is a secret, and the Department of Justice will not say if it has taken a case yet, or when it will. Though the court has a clear mandate — ensuring Europeans their privacy rights under U.S. law — its decisions will also be kept a secret, from both the EU residents petitioning the court and the federal agencies tasked with following the law. Plaintiffs are not allowed to appear in person and are represented by a special advocate, appointed by the U.S. attorney general. (read more)

If you read the full article then pause and think about how the weaponization of government can benefit from the tribunal, the truest prism for finding out why something exists, you might realize the panel is essentially tasked with creating an isolation box for EU data, then guarding the gates and making determinations over who should have access to it.

Knowing how valuable data is in the world of e-commerce, the question becomes will the tribunal guard the data or exploit it.

I think we know the answer….

Keep in mind, walls are being built around the U.S. financial system to lock in the yellow zone.  Corporations now control most western governments. How does the control over EU user data interface with that agenda?


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