Organic Amish farm raided, food seized after farmer pushed back against Fed overreach


by Cassie B, DC Clothesline:

An Amish farmer who sells a range of organic food from his Pennsylvania farm was recently raided by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture. The department has been going after the farmer, Amos Miller, because he has failed to comply with federal farming regulations.

Last Thursday, the Pennsylvania State Police could be seen serving a search warrant at the all-natural farm, which is situated in the village of Bird-in-Hand. A state police spokesperson said they were there to help with scene security and that the search was part of a DOA investigation.


Dozens of items were seized as part of the search, including everything from ice cream and chocolate milk to eggnog and sour cream.

Authorities claim that they were investigating whether Miller’s farm was the source of a few cases of foodborne illness in the area and that Miller “never licensed his retail operation.” The farmer has been involved in litigation with the government about the safety and inspection of his food for several years.

Miller does not sell his products to the public in grocery stores, instead catering to private clients who wish to avoid the dangers associated with corporate farming practices.

His attorney, Robert Barnes, said: “Today, the Department of Agriculture of the State of Pennsylvania suddenly came, without notice, raided Amos’ farm, and detained everything Amos had in the farm’s freezer. They did so in a lawless manner, without appropriate authority, in violation of their own rules and regulations, despite never objecting to the prior resolutions reached with the federal government, and despite a complete failure by the state to even reach out to Amos’ known counsel.”

Outlining the ways in which the raid was illegal, Barnes said that authorities were required to provide advance notice, show their credentials, and conduct their inspections within reasonable time frames. He blamed “false statements in an affidavit by a high-ranking state official in an agency with a known grievance against independent farmers like Amos” for being the source of the search warrant and complained that after authorities failed to find proof of wrongdoing, they “illegally ordered detained every item of food in one of Amos Miller’s coolers, including buffalo meat not even subject to federal regulation.”

He added that Miller will continue to do everything possible to provide food to his patrons legally.

Miller has used his sovereign citizen defense to push back against federal overreach in forcing him to comply with food safety rules as he sells a range of food including raw milk, grass-fed cheese and beef, fresh produce and organic eggs to more than 4000 buyers. For his farming operations, he does not use petroleum products, chemical fertilizers, electricity or vaccines.

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