Lia Thomas Takes His Quest to Ruin Women’s Swimming Global


by James Murphy, The New American:

Lia Thomas — the biological male who stole a national swimming title from a deserving female athlete in 2022 — is now taking his quest to be recognized as a female swimmer international. The 25-year-old Thomas, formerly known as Will, is asking a Swiss sports court to overturn rules imposed by World Aquatics that keep Thomas from competing at the Olympic level.

Thomas has engaged Canadian law firm Tyr and attorney Carlos Sayao, a former competitive swimmer and LGBT activist, to plead his case in front of the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), an international body based in Lausanne, Switzerland.


“Trans women are particularly vulnerable in society and they suffer from higher rates of violence, abuse and harassment than cis women,” Sayao said. “Lia has now had the door closed to her in terms of her future ability to practice her sport and compete at the highest level.”

It’s supposedly all about civil rights and, allegedly, science.

“She’s bringing the case for herself and other trans women to ensure that any rules for trans women’s participation in sport are fair, proportionate and grounded in human rights and in science,” Sayao added.

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