Great Replacement: Former German Spy Chief Warns of Deliberately Engineered Suicidal Mass Immigration and Islamization of Europe (Video)


by Amy Mek, RAIR Foundation:

“They (referring to politicians and powerful individuals) oppose white people and contend that those with light skin should atone for perceived historical injustices by replacing the current population.” – Hans-Georg Maaßen, former head of German domestic intelligence agency (the BfV)

In a thought-provoking and troubling interview conducted by Austrian television host Marie-Christine Giuliani, former head of Germany’s domestic intelligence agency, BfV, and the chairman of the Values Union party, Hans-Georg Maaßen, dives deep into the pressing issue of advancing Islamization in Europe. This exclusive interview, translated by RAIR Foundation USA, is part of a series of discussions between the two experts exploring the erosion of Western values. In this powerful dialogue, they unravel the complex causes and far-reaching effects of Islamization on the continent.



Maaßen, fired by former German Chancellor Angela Merkel in 2018 for exposing her involvement with Antifa in framing the Alternative for German party (AfD) for an attack on migrants in Chemnitz, now intends to form a new political party. His position as chairman of the Values Union, a grassroots conservative movement, underscores the significance of his insights and underscores the urgency of his warnings.

Influence of Ideological Sects:

Dr. Maaßen begins by shedding light on the unsettling connections between influential figures in Germany and left-wing extremists, along with anti-German groups. He emphasizes that these groups advocate for a radical reshaping of Europe through mass migration and the elimination of white populations. Far from being fringe movements, these ideologues hold powerful positions in Europe, posing a serious threat to its future.

Complex Motives Behind Migration:

The interview delves into the intricate motivations behind migration, revealing the vast profits reaped by human traffickers. Dr. Maaßen exposes a web that extends from traffickers in Turkey and the Middle East to domestic organizations involved in the asylum industry. These organizations, often masking themselves as humanitarian, profit substantially from migrants. Their interests are perpetuated through media campaigns, which, until recently, stifled open discourse on migration.

The Challenge of Islamization

As the conversation evolves, Dr. Maaßen underscores the stark cultural differences between predominantly Muslim communities and secular European societies. The clash between values like family, culture, and religion within Muslim communities and Europe’s emphasis on individualism presents significant challenges. Dr. Maaßen also highlights the calculated erosion of Central European culture over the past four decades, driven by political leftists, resulting in a loss of values and identity in Europe.

Struggle to Define Ourselves

Dr. Maaßen laments the loss of cultural foundations and values in Europe, revealing that many Europeans are apprehensive about openly expressing their opinions or defining themselves. This loss of purpose and identity leaves Europeans vulnerable in the face of challenges from those with well-defined ideologies and missions.

The Eternal Guilt Complex:

The discussion touches upon the concept of the “eternal guilt complex” in Germany and Austria and its impact on their responses to migration. Dr. Maaßen acknowledges that this complex influences the attitudes and policies of these countries, potentially hampering their ability to take assertive stances on critical issues.

Loss of Values and Lack of Vision:

Dr. Maaßen emphasizes that the fundamental problem in Europe is the loss of values, which has resulted in a lack of vision for the future. He stresses that Europeans must move beyond short-term goals and regain a sense of mission and purpose to protect their values and identity.

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