FBI agent reveals juicy tidbit about the J6 “pipe bomb” and what his boss actually knew…


from Revolver News:

The “pipe bomb” saga from January 6 just keeps giving us headline after headline. If Darren’s latest deep dive hasn’t hit your radar yet, it’s time to tune in. It’s packed with new insights and big reveals; it kicks off with the “attempted assassination” of Kamala Harris on January 5th—all tied to that crafty and elusive “pipe bomber.” Darren zeroes in on something big: Kamala was at the DNC headquarters when the bomb was set. She could have been a goner, right? But oddly enough, this huge deal is getting the cold shoulder. Biden’s been ranting about January 6th like it’s the apocalypse, yet mum’s the word on any VP assassination plot. Why the silence? The propaganda media, which usually spins January 6 tales faster than a tornado, is steering clear of this one. Why? And Kamala’s behavior is equally strange. After fibbing about where she was, she’s clammed up too. Doesn’t that just make you raise an eyebrow or two?

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But there’s so much more to this mysterious story, thanks to a piece of footage that was just released.


Curiously enough, the Capitol did quietly release a damning short piece of footage that had gotten virtually no public attention, though it could very well be the breakthrough we need to definitively expose the phony January 6 “pipe bomb” story once and for all.

The Capitol authorities were counting on no one knowing that this footage even exists, let alone understanding its significance, and put up tremendous resistance when Congressman Massie tried to make the footage public. Ultimately, it took a direct call from Kevin McCarthy to break the stonewall (and one can only imagine how much pressure McCarthy must have been under to make that call!). Courtesy of Congressman Massie’s efforts, the footage is available…

Darren goes through the video with painstaking detail, analyzing it frame by frame. His in-depth account provides a fascinating and revealing look at what truly happened. This thorough examination further shreds the absurd narrative that the regime has been attempting to sell to the American people.

You can read the entire bombshell report everyone’s talking about by clicking here:

Secret Service Foreknowledge or Criminal Negligence? Damning New Evidence Surfaces In FBI’s January 6 “Pipe Bomb” Story

Darren’s far from finished with this story. He’s making the rounds in the media, delving deeper into the details. His appearance on Tucker Carlson’s show was a viral standout, where they discussed the growing suspicion that our own government could have been involved in planting those pipe bombs.

And there are more people now jumping on the pipe bomb bandwagon, and what they’re sharing is helping to complete the puzzle and show what really happened that day. One of those people is a former FBI agent by the name of Kyle Seraphin, and his boss was none other than Steven D’Antuono, former FBI Assistant Director in Charge of the DC Field Office. Kyle says that he knew the “pipe bombs” were not operational a week after they were supposedly “found.” And he points out the obvious here: if he knew, his boss also knew.

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