Unprecedented Rise In The Number Of Mayday Calls Since Pilots Were Forced To Be Injected With Bioweapons More Proof Of The Disaster Unfolding In The Aviation Industry


by Alan Barton, All News Pipeline:

– Far Too Many Pilots Are Having Serious Adverse Events While Flying

As I was researching for a new column a few days ago, I came upon a number of articles on a different pathway that I feel needs a bit of attention.   Earlier this year Military dot com had a story titled “Military Pilots Reported 1,700% More Medical Incidents during the Plandemic. The Pentagon Says They Just Had COVID” published this past February.  The Pentagon states that those pilots came down with C-19 and refuse to admit that it is a direct result of the bio-weapon forced into the pilot’s bodies.  This is not just military pilots, but all of our military were forced to take this bio-weapon by their own leadership structure.  The Defense Department said that “the increased numbers of reportable events in 2020, 2021, and 2022 are due to the reporting of COVID-19 cases,” and that in 2022 “96% of the 4,059 reportable events among pilots — 3,887 cases — were COVID-19 diagnoses….. The disease also accounted for 88% of all reportable events across all military occupations” and added “recorded 453,456 cases of COVID-19 among military personnel since the start of the pandemic in February 2020, with 2,741 service members hospitalized in the last three years and 96 deaths…..More than 2 million service members have been vaccinated against the illness.”

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Of course, they refuse to acknowledge that those numbers replace those of colds, flu and pneumonia cases initially and represent vaccination problems after the initial cases.  This is the part that was sort of related to what I was searching for (I am still working on the original idea, but this one first) and it also spurred my interest in a closely related topic.  Although Military dot com first reported on vaccine caused myocarditis way back in April of 2021, they then mention that the FAA said the huge number of case changes in the pilots “had nothing to do with the vaccine” and the changes in flight requirements was to allow those with mild heart glitches to fly.  To me, that proves that they KNOW what causes it but will do anything to not say so.

There is a very real aviation disaster in the making as Courageous Discourse stated and brought up an incident on November 29th of this year when the First Officer pilot “had a seizure that stiffened his legs and back, jamming his feet under the rudder pedals on short final approach” while the Captain took over the landing and a relief pilot on board removed the unconscious First Officer from the seat and sat in himself as it is required that two pilots be in control on landings.  I suppose that the requirement that a relief pilot be on the flight deck during landings can also be applauded policy.  One note that bothered me is that this was the fourth time in two weeks that something incapacitated the pilot.  One was on Nov. 26th when on a Ryanair UK to Poland flight, November 20th from Canada to Dominican Republic when a pilot passenger filled in the duties, and an November 16th Air India flight where the pilot died in flight of cardiac arrest.  This same article has a video with a New Zealand pilot Shane Murdoch that is very eye opening.   I cannot see how to post that video separately so if you want to watch you need to go to the article directly.

Captain Murdoch does have a very interesting PDF file available that goes over “Impending disaster in the global aviation industry Covid-19 injectables in the making!” available to read here.  A November 15th article in The Conservative Woman (a British magazine) relates that Captain Murdoch is a “pilot for more than 40 years and a qualified air accident investigator” and they ask the pertinent question: “How are they passing medicals if they are suffering serious adverse reactions?”.   The part this article brings out is what caught my attention and is this; “When pilots put out a mayday radio call to air traffic control, it is nicknamed a ‘squawk’. They use the code 7700 for all mayday calls which are reserved for serious incidents like pilot incapacitation or an uncontained fire on board. Few scenarios warrant a mayday; passengers and crew must face genuine peril.”  As a side note, squawk 7500 means a hijacking is in process and yes, that site shows a number of those as well – a surprising number of them.

There has been an “unprecedented rise in the numbers of mayday calls” according to a bot setup to record 7700 squawks anywhere in the world.  Listing those 7700 calls from 2018 to 2023 they came up with the graphic shown below.  Please note the change from before the November 2019 mandate to vax pilots to those afterwards.  Quoting the explanation, “Between 2018, and 2019, the mayday average was 29.1 per cent of all distress calls. During 2022, mayday calls increased by 272 per cent. In the first three months of 2023, the increase was 386 per cent. The graph shows there was an instant, steep increase when the vaccines were mandated to pilots.”

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