FBI whistleblower explains the dark “circular model” being used against J6 political prisoners…


from Revolver News:

Trust in the FBI has never been so low, and for good reason. They’re crooked, and they don’t seem to care if you know about it or not.

Who can forget when they targeted Catholic Americans, treating them like domestic terrorists? Today on Capitol Hill, Senator Josh Hawley confronted disgraced FBI Director Christopher Wray about this deeply concerning issue.

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In addition, Senator Mike Lee went after Wray for stomping all over Americans’ constitutional rights:

Americans are still reeling from the sketchy 2020 election, fearing that the FBI will once again interject themselves into the narrative, like they did with their involvement regarding the shameful coverup of Hunter’s laptop. Their concerns have proven valid, as President Trump is currently facing federal persecution, including unconstitutional raids at his home.

Wray still squirms when asked about it.

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