from State Of The Nation:

How the Military Deployment of 5G Weapon Systems Worldwide & Weaponized COVID-19 ‘Vaccines” were Fastidiously Integrated to Inflict Maximum Injury and Lethality
SOTN Editor’s Note: The highly radioactive content in the following exposé is as urgent as it gets regarding the New World Order planned for the future of humanity.
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What makes this extreme warning so authentic are the credentials of the author.  Mark Steele is an unusually proficient and knowledgable “weapons research scientist” who has direct experience working with weaponry development similar to the one described below.
Here’s what a Board Certified Integrative Health Consultant, who is also a Long Covid & 5G Coach, recently wrote in his capacity as a COVID-19 vaccine-injury specialist about this extremely precarious predicament.

Folks who have been vaccinated with the full complement of prescribed Covid vaccines and boosters, and who live in the large urban areas where 5G has been fully activated, need to shut off their smartphones post-haste!  They need to completely hardwire their homes and offices so as to minimize their exposure to the inordinately high EMF signal ranges and microwave transmissions that constitute a 5G power grid.  Failure to do so will keep them in what is effectively a 5G-Covid vax wireless hotspot which is essentially a slow-motion kill zone.  Even though the makers of this secret “MILITARY-GRADE BINARY WEAPON SYSTEM” have not yet flipped the switch, it’s still operating at a level which is triggering all manner of life-threatening medical ailments and health conditions.  What we are all witnessing, then, is a slo-mo Extinction Level Event which can only be stopped when people — en masse — completely disconnect from their WiFi environments.
— An Integrative Health Consultant

While the alarm sounded above is very serious, the present stage of this advanced weapons system development is actually much more dangerous than that.  For example, SOTN recently posted an update of an earlier article which discusses the existence of a “Quinary Weapon System’ at work, an excerpt of which follows:
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