COVID: Why Are These Shots STILL On the Market? WHY?


by Fed Up Texas Chick, The Tenpenny Report:

A couple of weeks ago, Stan Szymanski, one of our contributors to The Tenpenny Report,  reposted an article he had posted six months prior.  In March, the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) called for a moratorium on the COVID-19 jabs, and they provided many compelling reasons for doing so, as outlined below. The AAPS is certainly no fly-by-night organization. They’ve been around since 1943 and have always been dedicated to the highest ethical standards and the Hippocratic Oath. Their motto, “omnia pro aegroto” means “all for the patient.” AAPS fights for the sanctity of the physician-patient relationship and fights against the increasingly pervasive and invasive government forces that delve into every nook and cranny of a physician’s professional life.


Stan asks the burning question: Given the damage these death jabs have done, why are they still on the market? I agree with Stan– this is indeed the question of the day. Read the full AAPS argument here, but in a nutshell, AAPS calls the COVID injections out for what they truly are: experimental injections proven to have long-term detrimental effects given the novel mRNA and DNA technology that was used in the formulation. AAPS cites numerous safety signals, including sudden death. These signals in the past would have prompted immediate removal of any vaccine or device from the market. Why not these?

Many outlets in addition to AAPS have sounded the alarm. One of the most damning (and illuminating) articles estimated 20 million deaths and 2.2 billion injuries worldwide from these shots. The author is an esteemed financial analyst who shows in gloriously transparent detail EXACTLY how he derived his numbers. Yet we still have shots on the market.

Fruits and dogs have better treatment

To put this into context, the FDA and CDC’s latest recall was cantaloupes that were the origin of a Salmonella outbreak. I’m sure you heard about the cantaloupes. We all did. The FDA and CDC quickly joined forces with several states and even with Canada to hunt down these melons. We immediately knew every produce company from which these nefarious fruits originated, and the names of the produce companies were blasted across the media for all to see. The real question is: did these cantaloupes cause 20 million deaths worldwide? Certainly not.

There is more vigilance in the veterinary world. A leptospirosis vaccine was voluntarily recalled in late November in Australia by the manufacturer after one dog death (anaphylactic shock) and seven other adverse reactions that occurred a few hours after injection.

President of the Australian Veterinary Association, veterinarian Ben Brightman, stated the manufacturer was just being cautious: “We still don’t have evidence that the vaccine has caused these. But there is just that sort of time correlation with it.” Yes, there is that sort of correlation, enough to recall it after eight dog incidents. Pfizer and Moderna will never recall their vaccines. Why is that?

Greed, at best

Companies like Pfizer, Moderna and others are greedy at best, and at their worst, likely have a far more nefarious agenda of world depopulation to serve their elitist masters. Regulatory agencies like the FDA and CDC are beyond corrupt. Patients have no recourse as all of the above are shielded from liability and accountability, much less criminal charges.

Stan points out that this article was written over six months ago, yet these products are still being marketed.  Initially, one might react with glee when seeing an article like this that states original COVID shots are no longer authorized. However, the glee is short lived, as the FDA churns out product after product after product of “new and improved” COVID vaccines.

The media outlets are complicit. Stories like this one, stating that doctors are working overtime to clarify confusion amid lowest-ever vaccination rates, are slanted to say the least. With the CDC showing that only about 16% of adults received the latest COVID booster, idiotic articles like this one quote a doctor who looks down her nose at the rest of us like the dumb cattle they think we are: “A lot of people just don’t know what they should be doing,” said Dr. Jill Roberts, Associate Professor at the USF College of Public Health. No, Jill, you’re wrong and we’re not dumb cattle, either. A lot of people DO know what they’re doing, and they don’t want a shot that could suddenly kill them or give them myocarditis, neurological problems, shingles or God knows what else. In short, most of us are NOT buying what you are peddling. Not at all. This sentence tells it all: “The vaccination rate is much lower than experts hoped for.” What are these experts really hoping for? Hint: their end game is not the vaccination rate.

Global leaders are at the center of it all. They’re cutting deals and cutting down their enemies. Case in point: European Union Parliament member Michele Rivasi was very outspoken in pushing for investigations of the EU-Pfizer connections. She had been openly investigating EU President Ursula von der Leyen and pushing for shared texts between von der Leyen and Pfizer. Rivasi launched the investigation when the EU extended its contract with Pfizer for another 1.8 billion doses of their COVID-19 vaccine through 2026. The contract had drastically inflated prices despite the fact that the EU had a 40% oversupply of doses. (Looks like the EU people are not buying what they’re peddling either). Rivasi was nearing the end of her investigation and was scheduled to present those results to Parliament on December 15. She was also going to distribute copies to the worldwide press. But on November 29, Rivasi, age 70, had a heart attack on her way to the EU Parliament in Brussels.

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