US Marine Corps Cancels Their November 16th, 248th Annual Central Command Ball, Another Sign Of WW3 Being Fought All Out In The Coming Days, Bringing Martial Law To US Soil


by Stefan Stanford, All News Pipeline:

For those who aren’t aware, Thursday, November 16th of 2023, was supposed to be a HUGE night for the United States Marines. The night of the US Marine Corp’s Central Command’s 248th annual ball, a big night for them of heavy drinking, dancing and ‘gay pride,’ as this thread over at Inside Paper on twitter points out, the U.S. Marine Corps Central Command’s 248th Ball is cancelled due to “unforeseen operational commitments and the nature of our current mission.


Happening during the exact same time that this thread by Military Arms on twitter had pointed out If the Marines cancel their ball, that means war is on the horizon. The Marines wouldn’t cancel their favorite drinking event of the year unless they had something more pressing, like a war to conduct, all of that mess is also happening at the very same time period as the website just put out this alarming story titled “The Army Suddenly, and Chaotically, Told Hundreds of Soldiers They Have to Be Recruiters Immediately,” a story showing us exactly the direction we’re now being herded.

With that story reporting “Without warning, hundreds of noncommissioned officers were ordered via email to report to the recruiting school at Fort Knox, Kentucky, in less than a week, with hundreds more set to start at the school in December — a sudden unexpected move by the Army as the service scrambles to boost its recruiting force by 800 by the end of the year,” that story reports that while the US Army has roughly 10,000 recruiters currently, “that force has been bleeding troops over the past year.” 

And while their story didn’t point out exactly WHY the US Army, along with the other US military outfits, have been ‘bleeding troops,’ as Steve Quayle and Doug Hagmann warn in the must-watch 1st video at the bottom of this story, there is something now TERRIBLY WRONG with our country, a country where the ‘government’ only cares about its’ increasing power and control, while caring not at all about its’ citizenry, at least not the citizens who’ve lived here for their entire lives and support that increasingly tyrannical govt with their taxes.

And with that ‘government,‘ run by joe biden and the increasingly insane left, giving more of its assistance and attention to illegal immigrants, who should NEVER be here in the first place, than to the American people, with reports that biden’s illegal border crossings have already skyrocketed to over 10 million and many more now on the way, as we’d warned on October 31st on ANP, the absolutely bizarre website called ‘,‘ a United States government SOURCED website, has long forecast America would be a 3rd world nation by the year 2025, and that the US and Israel would be the ‘big losers’ of World War 3.

So with all of these very recent stories showing the US military now getting ready to make some huge moves in the days and weeks ahead, and the website also putting out this story back in July of 2023 titled “We Need a Limited Military Draft” being another sign of where we’re headed if the war-mongering neocons, leftists and globalists get their way, who’s really ready for a worst case scenario of World War 3 being fought upon US soil, bringing with it martial law, to America?

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