Rasmussen poll: A stunning 42% of Americans would likely join a class action lawsuit against COVID vax makers if it was permitted by law


by Steve Kirsch, Steve Kirsch’s newsletter:

Wow. 42% of Americans were vaccine injured! The poll also implies that 500,000 Americans were killed by the jab. How many more Americans must be killed before this deadly vaccine is stopped?

Executive summary

Rasmussen Reports has just released yet another devastating survey about the COVID vaccine.

Their latest survey, released at 10:30am EST on November 2, confirms (yet again) that the COVID vaccine is a train wreck, the biggest healthcare disaster in our lifetime.

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The key conclusions:

  1. 47% personally know someone who was killed by the COVID virus
  2. 24% personally know someone who was killed by the COVID vaccine.
  3. 42% said it was somewhat likely or very likely they would join a major class-action lawsuit against pharmaceutical companies for vaccine side effects. That would make it the largest class action in US history by a long shot.

The implications are stunning:

  1. 56% of people who got vaccinated are or were vaccine injured in some way. This is because 42% want to sue but only 75% were vaccinated. So 42/75=56%. That is is unprecedented; a complete train wreck for a vaccine that was touted as “safe and effective.”
  2. If you believe 1M people died from COVID, then this poll suggests that 500K people died from the COVID vaccine (computed as 24/47×1.1M killed from COVID virus using the two numbers above from the survey).

When the 911 terrorist attacks killed almost 3,000 people, it was major news. When the US government kills 500,000 Americans, there are no headlines and no investigations. This is the biggest story in America today.

Bottom line: Heads should roll. Now. Let the finger-pointing begin!


Earlier this year, I suggested to Rasmussen that it might be interesting to take a second look at COVID vaccine injuries.

They did.

Why? Because they are one of the few honest polling firms in the US. Nobody else wants to know about vaccine injuries and deaths. Fact check that one.

And the results are stunning as you’ll see below.

Survey result data

The full results (Excel spreadsheet which includes cross-tabs)

Note how the answers are very consistent regardless of demographic (scroll horizontally).


Nearly half the people surveyed knew someone who died from the COVID virus
24% knew someone who died from the vaccine. Vax deaths are more often reported by unvaccinated people (only about 30% of vaccinated people are able to recognize a “vaccine death”). So if everyone was equally aware of these deaths, the numbers would be over 50% which is comparable to the number of deaths from COVID.
This is stunning. 42% were likely to join a class action lawsuit. This is a train wreck. This would be the biggest class action in US history. How can this happen with a vaccine that people were brainwashed into believing was safe and effective?

Implication to Pfizer and Moderna stock

I think this is more likely than not to eventually cause Moderna stock to crater.

The #1 reason: 42% want to sue the drug companies if they could. It would be the largest class action in US history. But Congress, whose job it is to protect the drug companies, forbids it. But Aaron Siri believes he can unravel the protection and has filed a lawsuit to make that happen. Siri doesn’t waste his time on cases he cannot win.

Here’s is a summary of the reasons:

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