Global Wars Leads U.S. Into Civil War As The Biden Regime Continues To Endanger Americans – The Govt Is Not Going To Help You When SHTF, So You Better Be Ready To Protect Yourself


by Susan Duclos, All News Pipeline:

If the high crime rates in cities run by Democrats, where Soros District Attorneys refuse to charge and try criminals isn’t enough, we now have the added tensions, and violence, right here in America stemming directly from the Israel/Hamas war and to a lesser extent the Russia/Ukraine war.

I say lesser extent from Russia and Ukraine because of multiple different aspects. 1) The war has been going on for close to two years, so fatigue plays its part; 2) Instead of violence when it comes to Russia/Ukraine, its massive tensions, which are dividing America in half.


For example: Dare say we don’t want to send more billions of dollars to Ukraine and the left will screech at you how you are a “Putin lover,” instead of just an America that believes those funds could be used right here in the good ole US of A.

It seems that Russia divides because one side, Democrats and RINOs, sees them as the boogeyman, while the other side (Conservatives) just want Russia to stay in their own lane, and prefer to focus on America First.

So while the Russia topic causes extreme tensions, we aren’t seeing protests, and violence here in America over them.

Israel/Hamas on the other hand is causing far more than stress and tension, but is bringing out the very worst in all Americans who are taking one side or the other.

Two nights ago, Israeli Actress, Gal Gadot of Wonder Woman, sponsored a showing of “Bearing Witness to the October 7th Massacre,” in Los Angeles. The footages comes from body cam footage of not just Israel’s IDF footage, but of footage from Hamas body cams.

As the footage played, some inside wept, gasped, and cried out at the horrors they were watching as terrorists murdered and maimed civilians, and attacked revelers at a music festival.

The showing went off without a hitch, but in the surrounding areas, brawling between pro-Israel supporters and Pro-Palestinian, turned the night into a free for all. “Police formed a skirmish line in an effort to control the unruly crowd — and ultimately used pepper spray, according to ABC 7.”

Even so, wild videos posted online showed people waving Israeli flags and brawling in the streets with pro-Palestinian protesters — kicking and punching one another.

Those were just brawls, protesters and anti-protesters clashing, which we have seen so often before it sadly isn’t anything that shocks most Americans anymore.

What is shocking is how many in America are taking sides, which has already led to murder in America.

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