The Left’s Three-Pronged Attack on Property, Family and Religion: Part 2


by Fed Up Texas Chick, The Tenpenny Report:

In Part 1, we touched on the 45 ideals of communism. America has been under assault for a while now. After all, turning America into a communist state is the crown jewel of the cabal’s plan. Sadly, the US has achieved nearly all of the 45 “ideals”.

Both socialism and progressivism want to centralize all control of the individual. The control is gained by peaceful means, usually gradual and oftentimes by legislation over an extended period of time (such as in Obama’s eight years in office).

Many of these 45 ideals can be rolled up into three targets: property, family and religion. In Part 1, we covered the assault on property. Now, let’s talk about the assault on the family and religion.


The Family

Did you know that in his Communist Manifesto of 1848, Karl Marx called for the abolition of the family? One could reasonable argue that the family is a civil society’s most important institution, but Marx wanted none of it. Marx also believed that abolition of property would lead to abolition of family. After all, losing one’s home “nest” would greatly accelerate the breakup of the family.

Marx’s principles continue today with the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement which, on the surface, purports to be fighting for justice for African Americans. If this is true, why is one of the 13 BLM Guiding Principles a “disruption” of the nuclear family?

And what better way to disrupt the family than to pollute the young minds of children, so much so that they turn against their parents? Marx wanted to make the “New Man” but the family was an obstacle to his creation. To make the New Man, reeducation was necessary. In fact, Marx’s goal was to rescue education from the hands and influence of the ruling class.

He believed that the old (meaning traditional) family was narrow-minded and petty, and therefore incapable of providing the education needed for the New Man. In Russia in 1917, as soon as the Bolsheviks gained power, they started turning children against their parents. Soviet schools even convinced students it was their duty to snitch on their parents.

I asked a friend the other day: “Did you ever in a million years think you would see drag queen story time or some of these sexual books on the library shelf for elementary students?” While it might be shocking that this lovely lady below, called Little Miss Hot Mess, is reading Goodnight Moon to your kindergartner, again, this is nothing new. It’s the same playbook used by communists 100 years ago. To completely obliterate the family, communists in 1919 began to instruct young children regarding sexual perversions. Instructors told children that their traditional family’s views on sex (such as monogamy) were horribly outdated, and instead instructed children about free love.

Communists truly believe that children belong to the state and not to the parents. Sound familiar? It should, because our own President Biden has reiterated this time and time again: “There’s no such thing as someone else’s child. Our nation’s children are all our children.”

No, they’re not. A parent’s child is his or her child, and certainly not yours to sniff! The Democrats are communists. Haven’t you figured it out yet? They know what’s best for your kids, and you certainly don’t.

Biden and his cabinet’s remarks are a bit more blatant that Hillary Clinton’s “it takes a village theme”, but it’s all the same. (And Hillary should know, as she’s taken several villages from Haiti, as Trump so famously said at the Alfred Smith Catholic Charity dinner right before the 2016 election when he trounced her. If you haven’t seen it, the video below is definitely worth a watch.)

For many parents, the first wake up call came during the COVID era, when their kids were home doing Zoom lessons during lockdown. Parents were absolutely horrified at some of the material being taught to their children.

As children began to return to school, parents were horrified about the books on oral and anal sex being placed on library shelves in elementary school, or the sexual fantasy assignments their middle schoolers were being given to write. Parents began to push back and push back hard. They flooded school board meetings around the country, calling out the inappropriate content. In some cases, school board members were so frightened they just vacated the meeting. This is not a bad thing, even though these parents were slammed by Democrats and pursued by our own DOJ as domestic terrorists. We must change out mindset. Stretch a little to understand the communist manifesto. In a communist’s mind, the children DO belong to the state and they DO view parents who interfere with that as domestic terrorists.

Most of all, parents must stay vigilant. Although you’ve made great strides, predators are still in the schools, like this gem who was sworn in as a Pennsylvania school board president not on the Bible, but on a stack of books that contained sexually explicit content and depicts naked teenage boys.


And speaking of the Bible, where does religion tie into the communist manifesto? Just as kids in 1917 were instructed on free love, they were also taught that religion deprived man of all pleasures. Children were urged to reject both the authority of their parents and that of the church. They still are today.

Overthrowing the family was not enough. Marx called for the forcible overthrow of all existing social conditions, religion being one of those. Religion is seen by communists as a hindrance to a thriving socialist society. Communism and atheism are basically one in the same. After all, the New Man needed to be free of the religious chains of oppression.

In fact, Joseph Stalin was adept at actually forcing atheism. For a 20-year period, he closed down churches and imprisoned thousands of religious leaders. Are we there yet as a nation? Churches closed down during COVID, but liquor stores remained open as a necessity. While 3,000 Protestant churches were started in 2019, over 4,500 closed their doors due to COVID. And in 2021, church membership in America fell below 50% for the first time ever. Pastors like Artur Pawlowski were imprisoned simply for giving their congregations what they needed. Maybe we are there already.

We certainly haven’t gone as far as Stalin did. By 1939, only 200 out of 46,000 churches remained open. Many of the closed churches, mosques and synagogues were refashioned into museums of atheism, stripped of all religious icons. Modern-day communists have one goal in mind: to eliminate all traces, even the concept, of God. They are also in favor of eliminating the past, and America is definitely there with the 1619 project and the desecration of all our historical statues that tell the history as it was, good or not so good, but true.

Communists believe religion is a big part of the past tradition that is holding people back from science and progress, you know, like the stellar science they’ve exhibited with the COVID data.

What you may not know is that Stalin was actually a seminary student until he was expelled for possessing illegal literature. He became increasingly disillusioned with religion and his mind was engulfed with Marxism, which he saw as tremendously appealing. This sounds familiar, too, as many of the university protesters are actually disillusioned upper middle class Ivy League students, just as Karl Marx was.

There is hope. We must remember that even at Stalin’s height of power in the 1920s, the Russian Orthodox Church remained a powerful force despite Communist anti-religion indoctrination. It appears to remain so today, as Vladimir Putin is in frequent consultation with patriarch Orthodox leader Kirill. The mainstream media tries their best to describe it as a “weird alliance” but it is an alliance nonetheless, and a clear signal that Putin is fighting this spiritual war being waged against the world.

Meeting with Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill • President of ...It turned out that Russia’s peasants were as faithful as ever. While Stalin’s henchmen thought they were winning because they sold so many anti-religious pamphlets, it turned out that the faithful were just buying them to see what was going on. They had no intent of giving up God. Let’s just hope this is true in America today. Religion represents part of a traditional national consciousness. Trump’s MAGA movement is all about a national consciousness. Surely, religion is a part of that, so there is likely hope after all in fighting the Godless plan our illustrious leaders have in store for us.

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