FBI Let Child Rapist Run Free to Focus on January 6


from Moonbattery:

No matter how much of our wealth is sucked up by the federal behemoth, government resources will always be limited. Therefore, it is necessary to prioritize. For example, the FBI might find time to stop child rapists — but not if it is too busy hunting down dissidents.

Via Daily Wire:

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On January 6, 2021, the FBI explicitly chose to abandon a sting on a child pornographer in Virginia who was messaging with an undercover agent about having sex with a nine-year-old boy, opting instead to focus on prosecuting Donald Trump’s supporters who stormed the U.S. Capitol. Less than three years later, the FBI discovered the same man living in Alaska where he appears to have been performing sex acts on a 10-year-old boy, according to court documents.

This gives an idea of the activity that is allowed to flourish while authorities focus on Jacob Chansley’s unscheduled tour of the People’s House:

On December 2, 2020, an internet user with the screen name “gayboy69freak” messaged an undercover agent with the FBI’s Washington Field Office, who was posing as a father pimping out his 9-year-old son, and told him that he wanted to travel to D.C. to have sex with the boy. The man also sent the agent a video of “a prepubescent minor male being anally penetrated by an adult male’s erect penis.” His IP address led the FBI to Brogan Welsh of Glenn Allen, Virginia.

The case was abruptly abandoned 1 month later explicitly to free up resources for investigating January 6.

Welsh was finally arrested this October 24 when he came up in an unrelated perversion investigation. We’ll never know how many children he had raped in the meantime.

Here’s why the FBI was too busy to follow through:

Federal prosecutors have charged more than 1,000 defendants in what they call the “Capitol Breach,” and more than 65,000 legal documents have been filed in the cases, according to a Daily Wire database.

That’s enough to keep investigators busy, considering that the FBI also has pro-lifers to terrorize and Catholics to monitor for thoughtcrime.

Violent crime in DC has exploded while local prosecutors focus on January 6. As Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch observes,

“When you use politics to guide your law enforcement priorities, it necessarily means that public safety takes a back seat.”

To hold the interest of law enforcement based in the District of Corruption, there must be a left-wing political angle, such as a connection with Republican voters:

A typical January 6 case is that of three Marines, Joshua Abate, Michah Coomer, and Dodge Dale Hellonon. The entirety of the allegations against them is that at 2:20 p.m., they “entered the U.S. Capitol Building through the Senate Wing Door and proceed to walk South down a hallway,” used “their cellular devices to take pictures, videos, and answer phone calls,” “remained in the Rotunda for a couple minutes before leaving through the South entrance,” and remained “inside the Rotunda for approximately 30 minutes until police arrive and form a line to direct people out of the Building.” Then they exited “the U.S. Capitol Building through the Rotunda Door having been inside for approximately 52 minutes.”

For that case, prosecutors scoured social media, subpoenaed Facebook, consulted motor vehicle and military records, interviewed people who served in the Marine Corps to identify them, subpoenaed his phone provider, and analyzed his GPS movements.

The uncherrypicked January 6 surveillance video has finally been released, confirming that the Democrats’ answer to the Reichstag Fire has been absurdly overhyped.

The FBI demonstrates why law enforcement must be left to the states. Anything federal has as its primary purpose the advancement of federal power. This increasingly takes the form of suppressing opposition to the Party of Government.

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