Javier Milei, who has all of the right friends (and the right enemies), becomes president of Argentina


by Jordan Schachtel, The Dossier:

Chalk up a W for the good guys.

Javier Milei haș all of the right friends and all of the right enemies. And today, the people of Argentina elected him their president.

He is a champion for human freedom, to the benefit of those who believe in unalienable rights, and to the disdain of those who choose statism.

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He is a defender of the West and its traditional values, making Milei an ally to civilization and an adversary to barbarism.

By extension, Milei is an unwavering friend to the people of the United States and Israel, to the great dismay of tyrants and Islamic extremists. With Javier Milei in charge, the authoritarian leftist government in Latin America have lost an Argentinian ally. So too have the regimes in China and Iran.

Javier Milei believes that a free people should not have to deal with an overbearing central government, promising to remove massive chunks of the state’s bureaucracy, making him a friend to capitalism but an adversary to the administrative state.

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He is against bad fiat money but bullish on bitcoin. He is an entrepreneur’s best friend, and a very worthy foe to the parasites who feast on the money printer.

Milei has sparred with the corporate media, which label him an extremist due to the fact that he supports human freedom.

Now, while Europe seems to be falling by the wayside, Latin America appears to have very real political forces for change who are capable of winning elections and changing the trajectory of their respective nations. With Jair Bolsonaro, Nayyib Bukele, and now Javier Milei, we’ve witnessed several major Latin American political forces take the fight to the authoritarian left in a way that has not been seen elsewhere for quite some time.

We wish Javier Milei nothing but the best, and hope that he can help to facilitate the advancement of human freedom and prosperity, both in Argentina and abroad.

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