Brazil to Force COVID Vaccinations on Children


by Martin Armstrong, Armstrong Economics:

I have said to look to Brazil in 2024 for a variety of reasons. Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, known as Lula, is a puppet of the World Economic Forum. Similar to what happened in the US, Brazil went from a “radical right-wing president” to an installed globalist puppet. Lula supports every WEF cause from climate change to eliminating currency as we know it. In 2010, Lula spoke at an event and stated “the need to establish a new international economic order, one that is more just and democratic.”


Now we know the ineffective COVID vaccines were simply a tool to control the population and adjust the masses to laws that violate their bodily autonomy. Hence in 2024, the Brazilian National Immunization Program (PNI) will mandate the COVID vaccine. “During the pandemic, a separate program was established to distribute the COVID-19 vaccine outside of our national program. This year, we are integrating this vaccine into the National Immunization Program,” explained Ethel Maciel, the Secretary for Health and Environmental Surveillance at the Ministry of Health.

Vaccinate Baby

Brazil actually expanded on the World Health Organization’s recommendations, calling them “limited.” Bolsonaro hesitated to vaccinate the population and was publicly shamed for suggesting alternative treatments like Ivermectin. Lula made sure that the majority of Brazil took the vaccine, with 82% of the population receiving two or more doses. Parents were reluctant to vaccinate their children due to what the media called “Bolsonaro’s disinformation campaign,” and so the COVID jab will be included as part of the annual required immunizations. Six-month-old babies are expected to receive the vaccine. The latest campaign is specifically targeting children under 5 years of age, and the health ministry has launched a massive campaign throughout the country to promote this poison.

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