The Complicity of Compliance


by Robin Koerner, Activist Post:

We live in an age of agendas.

In the pursuit of them, behaviors that are otherwise deemed unacceptable supposedly become acceptable or even necessary. Justified by them, what is otherwise deemed immoral supposedly becomes moral.

The champions of agendas make pariahs and even criminals of people who refuse to accept that the statement of a particular well-intended end can justify an otherwise harmful act just because it is claimed to be a means to that end.


A list of recent examples comes easily to mind.

During the COVID pandemic, the widely accepted right to bodily autonomy was effectively suspended as measures were put in place to coerce people to take an untested “vaccine,” consistent with a mass-“vaccination” agenda.

The First Amendment prohibition of government censorship of the media was effectively suspended as the state communicated directly and frequently with social media platforms to direct them to censor even true information, consistent with the same agenda.

The principle of informed consent was effectively suspended as untruths were told to get people to consent to a “vaccine.” First, our betters gave us such unqualified assurances that the “vaccine” was a vaccine. They had to change the definition of “vaccine” to make that claim. They assured us, again without qualification, that the “vaccine” “is safe and effective” (Anthony Fauci), and “You’re not going to get COVID if you get these vaccinations… We are in a pandemic of the unvaccinated.” (Joe Biden). Now the data tell us otherwise. Not only are the number and kind of vaccine injuries shocking: our clinicians and scientists are starting to work out what likely caused them (including, for example, DNA contamination from the bacteria used to manufacture the shot rapidly and at scale).

Thus also, the basic duty to tell the truth was suspended in the name of this same agenda.

Millions of people globally were involved in promoting, sourcing, distributing, and delivering a “vaccine” that not one of them knew to be safe in the long run to people who had insufficient accurate information to provide informed consent. Thus the basic duty to do no harm was also suspended in pursuit of the prevailing agenda.

The right to free association was suspended in pursuit of the same “public health” agenda, but in many places the suspension was itself suspended in pursuit of a “racial equality” agenda.

Relatedly, in some American cities, the government’s duty to enforce the law was weakened by the defunding of police without due diligence to predict – let alone protect people against – potential negative consequences for human safety. This, too, was justified by the racial equality agenda.

What about female genital mutilation (FGM), defined by the United Nations (UN) as “procedures that involve altering or injuring the female genitalia for non-medical reasons and is recognized internationally as a violation of the human rights, the health and the integrity of girls and women?” Until a few years ago, opposition to the practice was virtually ubiquitous across the developed world. The UN even has an international day of awareness (6 February) to help to stamp it out, and in 2020, published a report on the intensification of their efforts to do just that.

Now, however, female (and male) genital mutilation is promoted in about 300 gender clinics in the USA, where children are put on treatment pathways without a diagnosis to identify any medical reason for doing so. Once again, a justifying agenda makes this acceptable to the thousands of people who are involved. It is an agenda that justifies practices that arguably lead to even greater negative consequences for some children than the FGM that exercised the UN for so long. To those who take issue with the claim that the treatment pathway is absent a diagnosis, it suffices to point out that the diagnostic standards that are demanded and applied in all other areas of clinical practice, including psychotherapeutic, are absolutely not applied in pursuit of the new justifying agenda.

School administrators and teachers who would never have previously condoned boys in girls’ bathrooms, males in females’ sports teams, or the forcing of a child to say something he believes to be false, now do all of those things, driven by the same agenda.

Agendas tell people what to do, identifying moral rightness with compliance. Increasingly, they also punish non-compliance. In so doing, they deny conscience, agency, and thereby the essence of morality.

Agendas are characterized by demanding particular methods to reach general ends. They are set to put certain premises and preferred methods beyond question, such that no observation can be used to challenge the former and no output of conscience can challenge the latter. Their purpose is to constrain or replace human agency in a particular domain on the assumption that the factual and moral work has all been done and the matter settled.

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