The Anthrax Chronicles


by Maryam Henein, The Tenpenny Report:

The secret world of anthrax is deep, dark, and dirty.

Part 1: Spills Of the Fort Detrick Kind

The mainstream media has purposely turned a blind eye to suspicious biological research institutions in this country, such as the infamous US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) at Fort Detrick. USAMRIID—pronounced you-SAM-rid – is the medical and biodefense research organization that replaced the base’s former biowarfare lab that was in operation from 1943 to 1969. Fort Detrick used to store the  CIA’s arsenal of biological poisons, including smallpox, tuberculosis, and anthrax, as well as a number of organic toxins, including snake venom and paralytic shellfish poison. Not only is Fort Detrick a biowarfare facility, but the CIA also used the base for their MK-Ultra mind control program. Arguably, too few Americans have heard of the base, despite its freakish history.


Yet early on in the pandemic, Fort Detrick was actually trending in China; Chinese state media suggested that the COVID-19 coronavirus was made and leaked from a US military installation. One title read In China, 25 Million People Have Called For An Investigation Into Fort Detrick For Causing The Lab Leak That Started The Worldwide Coronavirus Outbreak.  In 2021, a Chinese convoy of 25 million signed a petition, urging Tedros of the World Health Organization to launch a probe. Following the petition, a group of Filipino scholars also launched a similar online petition to break the wall of silence around the suspicious lab.

According to the publication Global Times, reports emerged from many other countries such as Italy, Spain, France, and the US, indicating the presence of COVID-19 even earlier than the first reported case in Wuhan, “which demands an inquiry and verification from WHO experts as soon as possible.”

“Fort Detrick is too dangerous a mystery to remain shrouded in secrecy,” said political commentator Herman Laurel. “It is important for all the peoples of the world to join in the petition to know the truth about Fort Detrick at this time and end the delusions the US is creating.

However, the United States put a positive spin on Fort Detrick, saying that the army base is conducting “beneficial research.” A CNN “exclusive” further demonstrated the US was paving the way for the US intelligence agency to frame the Wuhan lab.

Why didn’t we look closer to home? The United States has not conducted origin-tracing in US biolabs. Our government was too busy blaming ChyNa, conveniently removing the focus from investigating its own role in the pandemic’s origin.

A classic tale of Spy vs. Spy.

In June 2019, months before the Bethesda Boys (Anthony Fauci, Francis Collins) et al. hatched their B.S. narrative involving a spillover at a wet market in Wuhan, CDC inspectors found several areas of concern regarding standard operating procedures at Fort Detrick.

A month later, in July 2019, Fort Detrick closed for approximately eight months. The reasons listed were ongoing infrastructure issues with wastewater decontamination.

Around the same time, a deadly respiratory disease of unknown cause broke out in two Virginia retirement communities an hour’s drive from the biological laboratory. Two people died and eight were hospitalized. The Fairfax County Department of Health said that 54 individuals had become ill within 11 days with “respiratory symptoms ranging from upper respiratory symptoms (cough) to pneumonia” at Greenspring Retirement Community in Springfield.

No cause was found.

The same month Fort Detrick shut down, there was also a mysterious e-cigarette vaping-related illness in the area.  Ryan Christian of the Last American Vagabond reported on it. By September 2019, vaping-related lung illness cases had doubled in Maryland where Fort Detrick lab is located. The outbreak of severe lung disease among users of electronic cigarettes spread throughout the country. Strangely, they were referred to as vaping clusters. The condition was even turned into an acronym: EVALI  (e-vaping use-associated lung injury.)

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