Tedros the Terrorist urges parliamentarians to support WHO’s IHR amendments and Pandemic Treaty process


by Rhoda Wilson, Expose News:

In a newly released video statement, the World Health Organisation (WHO”) Dictator General urged nations to support their efforts to bring the amendments to the International Health Regulations (“IHR”) and the Pandemic Treaty to a timely conclusion.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, an Ethiopian terrorist and human rights abuser, laid out the world’s problems as he sees them and then the solution.

The problem is the covid pandemic didn’t go as well as hoped.  The solution is the IHR amendments and the Pandemic Treaty, which he calls a Pandemic Accord.

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The Problem

In the video below, Tedros the Terrorist said the covid pandemic had:

1. “Upended lives and livelihoods, disrupting societies and economies.” No. The response to the manufactured covid pandemic did that.

2. “Exposed and exacerbated political fault lines within and between nations.”  Does that mean before covid, there were no political differences? Or does he mean that WHO just didn’t realise that they existed?  It’s typical WHO psychobabble – vague, meaningless terminology.

3. “It eroded trust between people, governments and institutions fuelled by a torrent of mis and disinformation.”  Yes, that’s true. It’s a natural consequence of governments, institutions and non-governmental organisations, such as WHO, persistently hiding facts, withholding live-saving information and outright lying to the public for nearly four years while at the same time suppressing, censoring and targeting those who dare to question their narrative.

4. “And it laid bare the inequalities of our world with the poorest and most vulnerable communities the hardest hit.”  There is an element of truth to this but not in the way the Dictator General hopes you will think.  For example, the communities that were hardest hit by unnecessary, ineffective and destructive shutdowns were the poorest who were told to stay at home without receiving any income. Also, those who have been vaccine-injured in the poorest communities have little to no hope of getting the assistance they need.  On the other hand, covid has laid bare the inequalities between the self-styled elites and the world’s population.  The world’s megalomaniacal wealthiest have been exposed as hypocritical, deceptive and the greatest risk to our lives, our livelihoods, our communities, our economies and our world.

The Solution

“The next pandemic is not a question of if, but of when,” the Dictator General said. “And we cannot afford to repeat the mistakes of the past.”

This is true: We cannot afford to repeat the mistakes of the past.  WHO has proved itself to be an incapable, untrustworthy and corrupt organisation that is serving the interests of private entities.  We should recognise WHO for what it is and not allow it to have any influence or involvement in any policies, particularly health.

However, Tedros the Terrorist has a solution to avoid repeating “the mistakes” and, bizarrely, it involves not only repeating “the mistakes” but doubling down and amplifying them through legally binding instruments that apply worldwide.

“That’s why we are negotiating a Pandemic Accord and amendments to the International Health Regulations,” he said with a straight face as if he believed every word he said.

The reason for these new WHO instruments, Tedros claimed, is “to strengthen the legal framework for the global response to pandemics.”

To strengthen the legal framework, not for the sake of our health but to solve the problems before WHO declares the next pandemic.  We remind ourselves what Tedros the Terrorist sees as the problems that this legal framework needs to solve.  He listed them earlier in his video.  Translating his stated problems into what the instruments aim to achieve, we surmise that WHO is seeking to legally bind nations in such a way that WHO can strengthen its ability to:

  • Upend lives and livelihoods, and disrupt societies and economies.
  • Eliminate political “fault lines.”  WHO must be able to override political disagreement and dissent so that all governments move in lockstep as and when WHO dictates.
  • Suppress and oppress dissenting voices to enable WHO’s misinformation, disinformation and false narratives to be the sole voice to dictate what the world’s population can or cannot do.
  • Increase inequalities as WHO’s sponsors intend to enrich themselves further off the backs of the poor that they have already gone a long way to impoverishing.

“For the sake of future generations, we must not go back to the old cycle of panic and neglect that left our world vulnerable,” he said.

“The old cycle of panic and neglect.”  How old is that “panic and neglect” cycle? Did it begin in 2020?

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus on Twitter, 26 October 2023 (2 mins)

In what seems like an act of desperation, Tedros the Terrorist included a plea when he tweeted his video: “I urge IPU Parliament [1] members to support these negotiations towards a timely conclusion, by the 2024 World Health Assembly in May.”

Tedros the Terrorist is urging Members of Parliament to support WHO in their task but we have a better idea: We must #StopTheWHO.  We must urge our Members of Parliament to withdraw all support and approval of WHO and what it is doing.

Firstly, and immediately, member states can opt out of the 2022 IHR amendments. We previously wrote about this HERE.

Thereafter, all countries must stop contributing to WHO and #ExitTheWHO.  Both the IHR amendments and the Pandemic Treaty must be stopped.  The two instruments are aiming to do the same thing – both attempt to seize global control and both incorporate the insidious One Health ideology.  What WHO is unable to achieve with the one, it will achieve with the other.  So, both need to be stopped.

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