Drone From Yemen Intercepted Over Southern Israel As UN Warns War Spilling Outside Gaza


from ZeroHedge:

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has said Tuesday its troops are busy engaged in “fierce battles against Hamas terrorists deep in the Gaza Strip” and that multiple Hamas positions and anti-tank guided missile units have been destroyed.

A military statement also said troops had killed dozens of terrorists as tanks push deeper into northern and central Gaza, after yesterday tank units cut off a key north-south highway which links both halves of the Strip.

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A statement from Hamas was cited in regional media as saying, “Israeli military vehicles are being seen on the Salahuddin Highway trying to move west,” and affirmed that “Israeli forces also entered the strip from northwestern Gaza. Armored vehicles can now be seen in the al-Karam district north of Gaza City.”

Amid ongoing airstrikes accompanying the ground invasion, the Palestinian death toll has surpassed 8,500 as of Tuesday. For the first time this has pushed the total number of people killed in the conflict from both sides near 10,000 – as more than 1,400 Israelis have been confirmed dead.

A fresh New York Times report has examined satellite imagery taken Monday morning which “shows the substantial scale of one of Israel’s main advances into northern Gaza, where hundreds of armored vehicles have pushed miles past the border into urban areas on the outskirts of Gaza City.” According to more from the detailed report:

Israel has so far stopped short of the rapid and overwhelming ground assault that many analysts expected. But the imagery, taken on Monday morning by Planet Labs, a commercial satellite company, shows a significant invading force: many groups of dozens of armored vehicles cutting through open fields and amassing in urban spaces.

The image provides the clearest picture yet of how far one the main lines of Israel’s invasion has moved into Gaza and the destruction it has caused. Israeli vehicles are seen as far south as the neighborhood of Al Karama, north of Gaza City. Videos released by the Israeli military had previously shown lines of tanks operating near the border area.

Many nearby buildings appear to have been heavily damaged or completely destroyed by airstrikes. Hundreds of craters from airstrikes and shelling are visible, including in homes and on roads, and apartment blocks have been flattened.

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