Americans Are Essential — Not Their Government


by J.B. Shurk, American Thinker:

The House has a new speaker, and now attention returns to whether a government “shutdown” can be averted before November 17.  If only the American people could place the federal government in lockdown just as the unaccountable bureaucracy did to them during COVID’s oppressive hysteria.  (So much for the people being in charge, eh?)  In response to our unmanageable debt problem, there is an online meme that is spreading faster than Biden’s human trafficking business at the border: Government Shutdown — Fifteen Days to Flatten the Curve.


Sounds like a good plan.  Shut ’er down, and we’ll see where we are in a couple weeks.  If the debt and deficit haven’t improved, we’ll just have to keep the federal government in lockdown until our unsustainable spending problem is finally under control.  For all those highly paid, partisan bureaucrats worried about their sinecures, stop being so selfish!  We’re all in this together, after all.  The experts are working at the speed of economics!

Edward Holman says it best: “Had we merely refused to raise the debt ceiling one day forty years ago, the following morning Congress would have been forced to pay the debt service because we have always collected FAR more in tax revenue than needed to service the debt.”  Americans should call the government’s “bluff that we would all drown in a lake of fire” if the Leviathan doesn’t get everything it demands.  In other words, until the federal government gains basic arithmetic and accounting skills and learns to live within a budget, shut ’er down!

But how would the war hawks continue funding death and mayhem in Europe if they can no longer use American tax dollars to pay Ukraine’s government workforce and public sector pensions?  Military strategist Larry Johnson has a good idea: President Volodymyr Zelenskyy should “make the rounds in Hollywood pitching a new soap opera — As the War Turns.  It would be the story of a beleaguered Jewish comedian thrust into the seat of power, backed up by Nazi hordes, acquiescing to be the sock puppet of a malevolent Uncle Sam in exchange for a steady supply of Colombian cocaine and bags of cash.”  Hollywood could fund WWIII all by itself!

Seriously, should American taxpayers be funding Ukrainian retirements when pension plans in the United States have been so mismanaged and dangerously underfunded that the next stock market quake will likely wipe out half of Americans’ own retirement nest eggs?

Tucker Carlson, one of the few national figures willing to speak plainly about the threats to and concerns of the American people, said some remarkable things in a speech last Tuesday.  He warned that “abrupt change” is heading our way.  He argued that the United States may very well be on the “brink of collapse.”  And he concluded that Americans, “regardless of political affiliation, can feel that something bad’s coming.”  Meanwhile, our dishonest and incompetent ruling class is either asleep at the switch or actively rolling large boulders onto the tracks that lie ahead.

Rigged elections, rampant censorship, political persecution, an economic death spiral, and the growing prospect of this century’s first truly global war — yes, bad things are either here or quickly coming.  Yet the media’s brainwashed minions prattle about “climate change,” “colonialism,” “diversity,” “equity,” Taylor Swift, and other false, foolish, or frivolous blather.

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