Zelensky Gets ROASTED Leaving Royal York Hotel After Visit with Justin Trudeau


by Kyle Becker, Becker News:

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky got the red carpet treatment during his recent visit to the West to implore formerly democratic governments to turn over billions of dollars more in funding for the Ukraine War quagmire.

But not everyone was a fan, as was on full display when Zelensky and his globalist sidekick Justin Trudeau exited the Royal York Hotel in Toronto on Friday night.

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Among the choice epithets hurled at Zelensky:

“F*** you… you little b****.”

“Kiss my unvaccinated a**.”


“Get out of our country, Zelensky! Pay for your own f***ing war!”

The growing animus is indicative of mounting public frustration with a protracted war effort that has stalled, while Western leaders continue to press for more funding of the foreign effort.

The New York Post reported that Zelensky had on Thursday attended an event arranged by J.P. Morgan Chase with some of the world’s richest elites.

Earlier in the week, Zelensky had toured the U.S. capitol, where he was denied a Joint Address to Congress, but delivered his pitch for more war funding to the U.S. Senate and to the United Nations General Assembly.

Zelensky’s appearance also touches a raw nerve with Americans who are about to see their government shut down over Ukraine War funding and other defense spending issues. Speaker Kevin McCarthy has backtracked on his pledge to make the Ukraine spending a stand-alone bill, thus roiling his already fraught relations with his Republican colleagues.

There is also heightened concern that the stubborn refusal to come to the peace table could thrust the world into a war between nuclear powers. Russian state media on Saturday issued a number of alarming reports suggesting that the proxy conflict between NATO and Russia over Ukraine is becoming increasingly direct. Russian Armed Forces report killing German soldiers who were manning a Leopard tank that was turned over to the Ukraine War cause, as well as a targeted strike against an American-made MRAV armored vehicle.

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