WATCH: WEF Leader Klaus Schwab Worried About Peasants Waging ‘Revolution Against the System’


by Ben Bartee, PJ Media:

Even comfortably ensconced in his technocratic ivory tower, World Economic Forum chieftain Klaus Schwab is apparently not impervious to the bottom-up pushback against his various social engineering schemes in the service of creating a one-world government.

In his flawless James Bond villain accent, here’s what warning Schwab has for his globalist colleagues regarding the latent “revolution against the system” and its political manifestations:


What we have seen in the elections in the United States, in the Brexit vote, this anger of people against globalization and against the elites. If you look what is happening in the United States… you have this anti-system movement. What we are seeing is a revolution against the system. It’s dismantling the system.

The montage, posted to Twitter/X by former UK Parliament member Jim Ferguson on September 11th but which appears to be from the Trump era, then cuts to Klaus’ sidekick and resident transhumanist expert at the WEF, Yuval Noah Harari, who offers the following warning:

What you can say about Donald Trump… one very big and important thing he’s doing, he’s destroying the U.S. alliance system all over the world… In a very systematic way, he’s kind of, ‘they’re our friends, let’s destroy them,’ ‘they’re our friends, let’s alienate them.’… He’s destroying the greatest achievement of the U.S. foreign policy for decades and decades.

First of all, let’s dispense with the notion, as Marco Rubio might say, that Donald Trump does anything at all, let alone govern, in a “systematic way.” On the contrary, everything he does is spontaneous and based on instinct, for better or worse—in the case of what Harari calls “destroying U.S. foreign policy,” for the better.

Harari is not at all interested in preserving the “liberal world order” for the sake of U.S. national security or the national security of any state. What he’s interested in is using American blood and treasure to prop up the “liberal world order”—a euphemism for the Western war machine and global surveillance system—to use as a scaffolding upon which he and Schwab will erect their global technocracy.

The technocrats know that China nor Russia can be counted on to fully cooperate with their transhumanist agenda and all that it entails—deindustrialization in the name of fighting “climate change,” transing all of the children and therefore sterilizing them, and ultimately forced depopulation, etc. And, beyond China or Russia, there is no power center they can parasitically commandeer to achieve their aims.

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