The CDC Launches Outrageous Propaganda Campaign Directed Towards Children Saying ‘Benefits Of COVID-19 Vaccination Outweigh The Risks’, They Don’t


by Geoffrey Grinder, Now The End Begins:

CDC recommends COVID-19 vaccines for everyone ages 6 months and older, and COVID-19 boosters for everyone ages 5 years and older, saying benefits outweigh the risks. They absolutely don’t.

Right now in America, there is a propaganda campaign every bit as evil and insidious as anything ever created in the mind of Joseph Goebbels and the Ministry for Public Enlightenment. It is a horrific lie from start to finish, and the intended target is your children. The CDC, one of the many ‘health’ institutions that are sponsored by Pfizer, is telling parents they need to inject their children as young as 6 months old with the COVID mRNA ‘vaccine’. Don’t you dare do it.


Earlier today, I posted on X a very creepy, dystopian ‘film noir’ video of legit scary-looking doctors staring into the camera and repeating in lockstep (goosestep?) the droning words “you trust us, you trust us, you trust us.” It was created for the Cook County Public Health Board in Chicago, and it was designed to convince you to take the COVID-19 mRNA injection. You can watch that video below.

Can you guess what I am thinking of right now? In my mind, I am going over the names of people that I know personally, people who against my urging to not do it, decided to take the COVID injections anyway. Some of these people have had strokes, blood clots, heart attacks, and some of them have ‘died suddenly’. All of these people are in their 30’s and 40’s, and all of them experienced vastly diminished health upon receiving the injections. The risks of these injections far outweigh any so-called benefits they may offer to defend against COVID, a virus that had a 99.82% recovery rate before any vaccines were available. You do not need an injection to defend against that.

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