Project Veritas Serves James O’Keefe With Lawsuit One Day After Announcing It Was Suspending All Operations


from Great Game India:

In a video posted on X, James O’Keefe revealed that Project Veritas served with a lawsuit one day after announcing it was suspending all operations.

One day after saying it would cease all activities, Project Veritas filed James O’Keefe with a lawsuit on Thursday.

There was, according to O’Keefe, $6 to $8 million in cash on hand. Since they kicked me out, they have raised essentially no money. They appear to have spent it all.


They’re attempting to silence me, O’Keefe claimed.

The lawsuit’s specifics are not apparent.

The history is as follows:

The remaining journalists at Project Veritas were fired this week, barely months after the board of the company fired founder James O’Keefe, and the group ceased all activities. Since then, the organization has been under assault from staff uprisings, disarray on the board, inadequate fundraising, and continuous legal actions.

After a disagreement with the organization’s board over his attempt to oust Chief Financial Officer Tom O’Hara, James O’Keefe resigned from his position as Project Veritas’ CEO in February. A staff dispute erupted as a result, and 18 Veritas employees sought James’ resignation. The O’Keefe-supportive employees fled once James was expelled.

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