Molecular Biologist & Cancer Geneticist Speaks On DNA Contamination In COVID Vaccines


by Arjun Walia, The Pulse:

In April of this year, genomics expert Kevin McKernan claimed to have discovered DNA contamination in vials of Pfizer and Moderna’s bivalent booster shots. He published his findings in a pre-print.

In particular, he claimed to have found a gene sequence originating from the simian virus 40 (SV40).

DNA contaminated vaccines do have the potential to cause harm. More on this below.


As with any type of scholarly publication that calls into question the safety of COVID vaccines, it was met with harsh criticism by a number of Fact Checking organizations, like Health Feedback.

The first criticism from Health Feedback was that the vials tested were of “unknown provenance” and the authors explained that the vials had been sent to them “anonymously in the mail without cold packs” but that the vials were “unopened.”

If this is true, the vials could have been anything but a COVID vaccine.

Furthermore, there is a criterion for safe levels of DNA contamination in vaccines. Health Feedback argues that if there were unsafe levels of DNA contamination in COVID shots, the vaccines wouldn’t be approved.

Michael Imperiale, a professor at the University of Michigan who studies DNA tumour viruses told Health Feedback that,

“…the results are far from establishing that DNA contamination of COVID-19 mRNA vaccines is widespread. “Since this article has not been peer reviewed, we don’t know if there was truly significant DNA contamination.”

Fact Checkers and those who regulate information claim that there is no plausible mechanism for COVID-19 mRNA vaccines to alter DNA and that there is no evidence to date that SV40 causes cancer in humans.

But things get more interesting.

During this controversy, USC professor Phillip Buckhaults, Ph.D., an experienced molecular biologist and cancer geneticist who has extensive experience with next-gen sequencing applications for global gene expression analysis and gene mutation detection, was watching.

He was watching the research of McKernan. Buckhaults was also one of the academics who dismissed the findings of McKernan as a “conspiracy theory.”

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