Globalists Run Story ‘How To Get Ready For The End Of The World’ Anticipating ‘Apocalypse’ As UN To Agree On ‘New Political Declaration On Pandemics’ This Week And It’s A Horror Show


by Stefan Stanford, All News Pipeline:

According to the September 13th story over at globalist talking heads The Economist titled “How to get ready for the end of the world,” with a subtitle of “Britain’s latest risk register anticipates the apocalypse in detail, the highest scoring ‘threat factor’ going forward is, you guessed it, a new “Pandemic.” With that globalist run outlet again tying together “Pandemic” with “End of the World” in their readers minds, we shouldn’t be at all surprised as they push for the next round of lockdowns, masks and what we all know now to be ‘lethal‘ injections.


That story coming out just as we come into a fall season here in America of CDC Director Mandy Cohen publicly recommending a new COVID vax for everyone over the age of 6 months, claiming the decision was based on extensive data and clinical trials, as Dr. Simone Gold bluntly warns us in this recent tweet, “Pfizer’s latest recently received approval based on a study involving 10 mice. It has no efficacy data available and was not tested on humans in the data set.” While “Moderna’s newest had a two-week trial with 50 people, resulting in one adverse event requiring medical attention. No additional information was included on the adverse event.”

So while in the cases of nearly every other ‘vaccine‘ that has been rolled out in America through history, those ‘vaccines’ took years, if not decades or even centuries, to develop and test on human beings before being released (though many would argue that none has ever been released safely as they’ve all come with a trail of death!), once again they’re rolling out mostly untested new ‘products‘ to help ‘big pharma‘ and ‘big govt‘ rake in even more money, while killing off even more previously young and healthy Americans and people worldwide, and this is going on while the United Nations and World Health Organization are set to agree on a new political declaration on pandemics this coming Wednesday.

Meaning more global government is being rolled out right before our eyes, featuring more medical tyranny as the globalists seek to keep their boots stamping upon our human faces forever, we can see they’re set to get even greater resistance this time around as ‘We the People‘ simply “DO NOT COMPLY!” Because as Dr. David Bells bluntly warns us in this new story over at the Daily Skeptic, this new UN/WHO ‘power grab’ is nothing less than a horror show.

And with that ‘horror show‘ seen in stories such as the state of New York attempting to ‘get powers‘ to throw people, against their wishes, into what they’re trying to call ‘quarantine camps,’ as well as public hospitals once again pushing for draconian required vaxxing for their employees, with refusal to accept the vaxxes resulting in unpaid leave and possible terminations, we’re witnessing what happens when people in high places don’t learn their lessons the first time around, with the definition of insanity “doing the same thing over and over and over again, but expecting different results.”  From Dr. Simone Gold’s recent tweet.:

White House COVID coordinator Dr. Ashish Jha and CDC head Mandy Cohen have claimed the new vaccine reduces hospitalizations, long COVID and the likelihood you will spread COVID. However, none of these claims have any scientific data or proof. These parameters weren’t even tested. 

With such little safety testing and medical data, how could the US government not only approve these new vaccines, but recommend them for everyone 6 months and older? 

This is shockingly dangerous.

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