Bill Clinton and Pope Francis Call for ‘Urgent Depopulation’ To Save the Planet


by Sean Adl-Tabatabai, The Peoples Voice:

Bill Clinton and Pope Francis have joined forces to urge world leaders to pursue human depopulation as a strategy for saving the planet from so-called “global boiling.“

The pope held talks with the former President this week to lay out their plans for meeting the WEF’s “Net Zero” goals.


The two unelected public officials said it was the “moral duty” of all governments worldwide to ramp up their efforts in fighting the “climate change catastrophe.”

The public admission that the elite want to depopulate the planet comes after UN Secretary-General Antonio Gutteres recently declared that globalists are now tackling “global boiling” as a matter or urgency. reports: During a doom-loaded speech in July, Guterres claimed that the Earth has now become “unbreathable” and “the heat is unbearable.”

The UN chief claims that these alleged conditions on Earth are due to “man-made climate change.”

“The Earth is unbreathable,” Guterres during a speech at the UN headquarters in New York City.

“The heat is unbearable and the level of fossil fuel profits and climate inaction is unacceptable.”

Guterres then unveiled the new narrative of the climate alarmist elite.

“The era of global warming has ended,” Guterres declared.

“The era of global boiling has arrived.”


Stressing the urgency of addressing the climate change “catastrophe,” the pope and ex-POTUS vowed to fight global boiling “before it’s too late.”

“It is time to work together to stop the ecological catastrophe before it’s too late,” the pontiff told Clinton at a meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI).

“Let us stop while there is still time, please.”

Francis reiterated his intention to release a second document on the “climate catastrophe” later this month.

The move comes eight years after the publication of his encyclical “Laudato Sì” on the same theme.

In late August, Francis said it is time for world leaders to “listen to science and institute a rapid and equitable transition to end the era of fossil fuel.”

It is “absurd to permit the continued exploration and expansion of fossil fuel infrastructures,” he declared in his message for the September 1 Feast of Creation.

“Let us raise our voices to halt this injustice towards the poor and towards our children, who will bear the worst effects of climate change.”

“The unrestrained burning of fossil fuels and the destruction of forests are pushing temperatures higher and leading to massive droughts,” the pope stated.

He claimed that the alleged “catastrophe” is a product of “consumerist greed, fueled by selfish hearts.”

Francis then suggested communist-like policies to address “climate change.”

“Richer nations have contracted an ‘ecological debt’ that must be paid” to poorer nations, he declared.

“Let us heed our call to stand with the victims of environmental and climate injustice, and to put an end to the senseless war against creation,” he said.

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