A Huge Backlash Against Climate Change and Immigration Madness Has Started


by Mish Shedlock, Mish Talk:

I am pleased to report a global backlash against woke madness, climate change silliness, and immigration polices is underway in the US, Europe, and Australia.

The New Moral Order Is Crumbling

Globalism, climate-change alarmism, and cultural self-annihilation have all come under serious challenge. It’s a welcome start to a Well-Deserved Thrashing of the New World Order.

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In Lampedusa, the Italian island midway between Europe and Africa, and at Eagle Pass, Texas, and elsewhere along the visible and increasingly invisible frontiers that separate the global North from the South, the idea of permissive migration in an economically unequal world is being tested to destruction. Lampedusa was inundated last week with another surge of migrants from Africa, larger than the population of the island itself. In Texas, the influx across the border with Mexico became a torrent.

The demographic tsunami from the global South as the North’s population shrinks is in its early stages, and most people can see clearly what happens when leaders insist on a moral code that suggests our obligations to indigent foreigners are as great as those to our own citizens. It won’t survive the political backlash now under way in both Europe and America, as even U.S. Democrats and Brussels Eurocrats are slowly starting to grasp.

The second pillar, the moral imperative of self-abasing action to combat climate change, is falling too—most interestingly again in Europe and the U.K., where it has long been the official religion of the secularist priesthood.

There is an air of surrealism around the climate-change debate in Britain and in much of Europe. The U.K. has dramatically reduced carbon emissions over the past 30 years, thanks in significant part to technological innovation. Its emissions per capita are now down to where they were in the mid-19th century. The British government could mandate tomorrow the elimination of all carbon emissions and a return to agrarian subsistence, and, given the massive and rapidly rising levels of emissions from China, India and elsewhere, it wouldn’t make the slightest difference to the climate.

The third pillar—cultural self-annihilation—is also wobbling.

The most interesting evidence of this is an electoral debate under way in Australia. The left-wing government there, eager to impress the world with its moral bona fides, has called for a reform to the constitution designed to redress the grievances of the Aboriginal population. Called the Voice to Parliament, the measures would create a constitutional body that Parliament would be required to consult on all legislative and other matters relating to indigenous peoples.

The referendum that was expected to approve this change takes place next month, but the campaign has run into fierce opposition. The most recent polls suggest Australians will reject the move by a large majority. It seems they—like many of us in the rest of the West—have had enough of leaders’ insistence on dividing us by race and other attributes rather than uniting us around our common national identity.

New York Mayor Eric Adams Says Migrant Crisis “Will Destroy New York City”

Adams wants Biden to do something. That something is the same as always. NYC wants a bailout of policies it put in place.

The City has a right-to-shelter mandate, which requires the city to provide a bed to anyone who asks for one.

Adams now says the city will ask judge to suspend right-to-shelter rules for migrants. There either is a right or there isn’t. Since the city was stupid enough to agree to the right, I suggest the city end that right instead of asking a judge for temporary help and Biden for more money.

The Gothamist notes “More than 110,000 migrants have come to the city over the last year, and around 60,000 are currently living in the city’s shelter system at a cost of billions of dollars annually, according to city officials.”

Check out this Irony

Adams has demanded more help from the state and federal governments, and has especially pressured the White House to expedite work permits for migrants so that they may eventually be able to leave the shelter system.

On Wednesday night, the Biden administration announced the U.S. would extend temporary protected status to some Venezuelans, allowing them to remain in the country legally and apply for work permits.

Adams thanked the president for his actions, which he estimated would help roughly 9,500 adult migrants who are currently in the city’s care.

Adams praises the president for “temporary” protected status to Venezuelans that will protect 9,500 in NYC while asking a judge to suspend rights to shelter.

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