WATCH VIDEO: Texas troopers rescue children being smuggled over U.S.-Mexico border


by Leo Hohmann, Leo Hohmann:

Troopers with the Texas Department of Public Safety announced last month they have rescued more than 900 children being smuggled into and through Texas from Mexico by human traffickers.

DPS Lt. Chris Olivarez announced the arrests were made as part of Texas’ border-security mission, known as Operation Lone Star.

Among those rescued was a 5-year-old Honduran girl who’d been smuggled into Texas by three adult women who weren’t related to her. The women found the girl in Piedras Negras, Mexico, and then brought her with them as they crossed illegally into Texas between ports of entry.


According to The Center Square, authorities said the girl was allegedly being brought into the United States to reunite with her mother.

But her mother had died three days prior. The girl told troopers her father was still in Honduras. She was turned over to Border Patrol.

In a recent traffic stop in neighboring Kinney County on a major local smuggling route, troopers pulled over a driver of a black GMC Sierra. The driver, a Mexican national who was illegally in the U.S., said he was coming from Houston to pick up friends. The trooper observed six passengers in the rear area of the truck and later learned they were all in the U.S. illegally, including two children.

When asked how the driver was related to another passenger in the car, he said they were “just friends.” When asked what his friend’s name was, the driver said he only knew his “nickname.”

Later on, through the conversation, the driver admitted that someone from Mexico texted him an address to pick up a group of people who’d illegally entered Texas.

Watch the video below and say a prayer for those in law enforcement who have not allowed themselves to be corrupted and who still go to work every day with the intention of protecting we the people.

The driver said he was not being paid. Ha! Right. All human smugglers are paid on a per-head basis for every illegal they help over the border. The amount they get paid depends on where they are taking their human chattel. In Texas, Houston is the primary human trafficking hub, but every state has one, where men, women and children are sold to the highest bidder, either for their labor or for sex.

The driver in this particular case was charged with smuggling of persons and everyone inside was turned over to Border Patrol. A rare outcome. Usually these satanic human traffickers never get caught.

Texas DPS troopers told The Center Square that they are also arresting MS-13 gang members, sex offenders and those in possession of child pornography. A DPS brush team recently helped arrest a Mexican national and coyote who was illegally in the U.S. after he guided four people across the Rio Grande River into Texas. On the coyote’s phone were pictures and video of child pornography. The Texas Rangers took over the case, and the Mexican national was charged with possession or promotion of child pornography.

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