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SOTN Editor’s Note: At critical junctures during the implementation of the New World Order agenda, the Khazarian Cabal carries out mass human sacrifices. They do this as a means of propitiating their various satanic idols who they really believe will facilitate the establishment of their long planned totalitarian One World Government.

The highly organized Maui Massacre on August 8, 2023 was conducted as such a massive human fire sacrifice.  There are now volumes of evidence which prove categorically that the arson-triggered Lahaina ‘wildfires’ were deliberate acts of pyroterrorism executed to murder as many Maui residents as possible, as well as efficiently as possible.
BURNED ALIVE! Elon Musk Demands Prosecution
for Maui Massacre (Video)

The Khazarians are no stranger to perpetrating genocides and depopulation schemes, world wars and regional conflicts, weather catastrophes and climate calamities, environmental disasters and industrial catastrophes, social cataclysms and religious strife/racial tension, financial collapses and economic depressions, global pandemics and national epidemics, acts of geoterrorism and pyroterrorism, etc. See: An Abridged List of Fastidiously Planned Genocides Carried Out by the Khazarian Cabal.

Which means that the Hawaiian Holocaust in Maui was just another in a long line of holocausts which the Khazarians have carried out with highly purposeful design.  That “design” revolves around several different occult aspects of the Maui Mass Murder Operation.  For example, this human fire sacrifice was intentionally performed on 8/8/23— the 8/8 being a very significant occult number.  It was also completed on a Tuesday which is ruled by Mars, the god of war.

The ‘best’ human sacrifice is always one that includes many children according to the ways of their ancient bloodthirsty traditions marked by satanic ritual abuse and murder (children are considered much purer than adults and the younger better).  This is why all the young children were calculatingly sent home from school that day only to be incinerated in their houses with ruthless pyro-efficiency.  Which is exactly why this inexplicable situation still exists: “WHERE ARE THE CHILDREN?” STILL NO REPORT ON STATUS OF MINORS.
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