The Empire Strikes Back: is Measure 114 Gun Control Lobbyists Silver Bullet?


by Zoe Warren, The New American:

Measure 114 has been referred to by the NRA as the “nation’s most extreme” gun control law, but the law still hasn’t taken effect because another judge has it on hold. This law was first passed in November 2022, but has not yet been released from its legislative tug of war, despite what the mainstream media, gun control groups and Oregon’s Attorney General, Elken Rosenblum, may want you to believe.

Also, this week we remember Jim Scoutten, longtime host of Shooting USA.


And last, but not least, this week’s 2A For Today Modern Militiaman spotlight is on a man in Texas whose late night visit to the ATM could have ended very badly if it wasn’t for the fact he was armed. He was making a transaction at a drive-up ATM when two men pulled up, jumped out of their car demanding that he fork over the money. Instead, he put a fork in their criminal careers.

It’s not wise to attempt to make prey of the armed and trained.

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