NBC News Edits Trump’s Mugshot to Make it More Orange


by Chris Menahan, Information Liberation:

NBC News on Thursday night released an edited version of former President Donald Trump’s mugshot that was changed to appear more orange.

The image on the left (and pictured below) is Trump’s mugshot as it appears on NBC News (Archive).

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On the top right is Trump’s mugshot as appears on 11 Alive news.

Here’s the highest resolution image of his mugshot I can find, it’s from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Forbes’s image from Getty is the exact same color as the one above.

Only NBC News’ image has an orange tint to it, suggesting they manually tinted the image orange.

This reminds me of how in 2012 multiple news outlets used edited photos of George Zimmerman to make him appear more white.

NBC News was caught editing Zimmerman’s phone call reporting Trayvon Martin to police to make him sound racist.

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