Geologist Demolishes the Climate Scare With Facts and Fun!


by Tom Harris, America Outloud:

No wonder most mainstream media steer clear of interviewing geologists concerning current climate change concerns.

As demonstrated in today’s episode with guest Dr. Ian Plimer, Emeritus Professor of Geology from the University of Melbourne, Australia, today’s changes are trivial compared to natural climate change that has occurred repeatedly over the past 4.5 billion years.

Consider the following graph, for example – there is no consistent correlation between temperature and carbon dioxide levels in the geologic record.



And you don’t have to go back billions or even millions of years to see that what we are experiencing today is mild in comparison with what nature does all on its own.

In our interview today, Professor Plimer explains that coming out of the Younger Dryas cold period 11,700 years ago, temperatures rose 15 degrees C in a decade. He concluded, “That temperature rise didn’t kill people. That actually led to a thriving population, an expansion of humans across the planet.”

Professor Plimer is the author of numerous books on climate change, including Heaven and Earth: Global Warming, the Missing Science, and his latest book, The Little Green Book, a trilogy for primary, secondary, and post-secondary children on climate change to enable parents and grandparents to deprogram those exposed to “education” and eco-anxiety.

Dr. Plimer is also a fellow of the Geological Society and AusIMM. He has been awarded the Eureka Prize (twice), the Centenary Medal, the Clarke Medal, and the Leopold von Buch Plakette.

Join Tom, co-host Mary-Jean Harris, and guest Professor Ian Plimer in this week’s episode of The Other Side of the Story to learn how geology defeats today’s climate change concerns and, more importantly, how to help your children recognize the scare propaganda they are being taught in school.

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