The “Covid Pandemic” Was an Orchestration


by Paul Craig Roberts, Paul Craig Roberts:

The American Medical Establishment, a collection of corrupt enemies of human health bought and paid  for by Big Pharma,  continues to explain away the enormous sudden deaths and health injuries  following the Covid Vax injections as “coincidences.”

Medical science knows no such thing as massive numbers of coincidences.  If everything is a coincidence, there cannot be tests. 

What has happened is that Big Pharma and the medical authorities on its payroll and sharing its patents, together with media flush with Big Pharma advertising funds, and politicians flush with Big Pharma campaign contributions, have created a false narrative that covers up the mass murder and health injury caused by an orchestrated “covid pandemic” in which the only people who died from Covid were infected patients denied treatment with Ivermectin and HCQ.


Treatments were prohibited. Otherwise the emergency use authorization of the deadly “vaccine” was impermissible.  Emergency use of an untested vaccine requires no known effective cures.  So the medical establishment declared the known cures to be “horse medicine” dangerous for human use.

With the exception of the world’s leading medical scientists, everyone else seems to accept the totally false official narrative of the “Covid pandemic.”  As I have previously written, the utter insouciance, stupidity, and gullibility of Western peoples mean that they have set themselves up for the next “pandemic” already promised by Bill Gates.

It grows increasingly difficult to be optimistic that the accountability of power can be re-established.

Here is the most important article available about Covid:

There Was No Covid Pandemic.  There Was Orchestrated Mass Murder.

Heed the Voice of Science, not the Voice of Propaganda  

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