Retired Military Officials Say Biden Admin Ignored Warnings About Withdrawing Troops From Afghanistan


by Mike LaChance, The Gateway Pundit:

Joe Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan was a sloppy disaster. Millions of Americans watched in horror as the process unfolded, ultimately taking the lives of thirteen American soldiers.

Joe Biden’s poll numbers tanked at that moment and have never recovered.

Now we are learning that the Biden administration ignored warnings from military leaders, who just testified before Congress.

The Washington Free Beacon reported:


Biden Admin Ignored Warnings About Withdrawing Troops From Afghanistan, Military Leaders Say

The Biden administration ignored intelligence community warnings that its plan to withdraw troops from Afghanistan would prove deadly, current and former military officials told Congress Thursday.

“There was very little intelligence to suggest the Biden administration’s plan would work and a mountain range of evidence to suggest the plan would fail,” retired Col. Seth Krummrich, former chief of staff for special operations at U.S. Central Command, testified on Thursday before the House Foreign Affairs Committee. “The president’s decision to ignore the best military advice and execute an immediate military withdrawal was a shock and a rude awakening for all the planners.”

Testimony from Krummrich and other military brass involved in the rushed evacuation that left 13 Americans dead provides an unprecedented window into the Biden administration’s rush to leave Afghanistan as the American intelligence community warned of catastrophic failure.

Here are some clips from the hearing:

This is going to be remembered as a major part of Biden’s legacy and not in a good way.

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