Nothing Says Guilt Quite Like These DOJ Cleanup Efforts – Justice Dept Sends Follow Up Telling Judge They Are Not Trying to Block Congressional Witness Testimony, Pinkie Swear


from The Conservative Treehouse:

Nothing highlights a guilty intent quite like Main Justice backtracking to tell the judge their prior request was really, double dog swear, not intended to intimidate a congressional witness just a few hours before the testimony. [SOURCE]


But seriously….  We all know what this is.  The weaponization of the DOJ is the #1 topic of national discussion; even when they pretend not to notice the weaponization of the justice system is the #1 topic of national discussion.

Main Justice, a network of affiliated Lawfare minds, runs in an echo-chamber of ideological group think.  There’s no one in the room to say, ‘hey guys, um, hold up – this looks like weaponization, targeting and witness intimidation‘, because they really are weaponizing, targeting and intimidating witnesses.

Then suddenly when the world says, ‘damn, do you see this example’?  Suddenly, the corrupt frenzy boil slows to a simmer and the ‘whoops they can see us‘ backtracking begins.


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