No Guns Needed in San Francisco


from Moonbattery:

Maybe denying gun rights will work better in the USA than it has in France, where foreign savages roam the streets with belt-fed machine guns while the disarmed native population cowers in the closet. Maybe Democrats will manage to disarm not only the law-abiding, but criminals too. Then everything will be fine, like in the liberal mecca San Francisco:


Baseball bat-wielding gangs of children are mugging mothers and nannies on the school run in the latest crime wave to hit San Francisco.

Last week Noe Valley, also known as “stroller valley” because of the growing population of young families, endured 11 phone robberies that are believed to have been carried out by the same gang who are targeting women picking up children from school.

One woman was reportedly hit with a baseball bat, while another was punched in the face, before the offender ran to a getaway car and drove off.

No wonder the moonbats running New York City abandoned the stop and frisk policies that made the city safer under Rudy Giuliani. Why bother taking away their guns when the yutes would just as soon bash your head in with a club anyway?

Violent robberies are being carried out in broad daylight in wealthy enclaves such as Noe Valley, a tight-knit community, where free yoga classes are held every Sunday in the town square.

One victim of the string of recent attacks, who only wished to be identified as CW, said the police appeared to have “zero interest” in investigating her attack.

According to the ideology of the kooks running San Francisco, the police are the bad guys. They are racist. Crime is social justice. It would hardly be surprising to learn the police department is staffed with cynics who are only there to draw a paycheck. Most cops who think civilization is worth defending probably prefer to work where it isn’t a lost cause.

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