Even NOAA “Runs Away” From ‘Hottest Day Ever’ Claim After Media Hysteria


from Summit News:

Last week the global warming industry and its corporate media cheerleaders made a concerted effort to declare July 3-4 the hottest days on Earth ever. Media outlets like ABC, The New York Times, Axios, and Bloomberg each cited the University of Maine’s Climate Reanalyzer computer model, which has since been questioned. 

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) told AP News, “Although NOAA cannot validate the methodology or conclusion of the University of Maine analysis, we recognize that we are in a warm period due to climate change.”

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In response to NOAA throwing cold water on the model’s unverifiable findings, environmental attorney Steve Milloy tweeted:

“NOAA runs away from ‘hottest day’ claim.” 

On Friday evening, The Wall Street Journal published an op-ed by Milloy titled “Hottest Days Ever? Don’t Believe It.”

“One obvious problem with the updated narrative is that there are no satellite data from 125,000 years ago. Calculated estimates of current temperatures can’t be fairly compared with guesses of global temperature from thousands of years ago,” Milloy wrote.

Despite concerns about the model’s reliability, Axios’ Thursday headline read, “Earth sees three hottest days on record,” while Bloomberg ran with “The World Recorded Its Hottest Days Ever This Week.”

Heads of the global warming industry have spent the last three decades frantically running around the globe in private jets, prophesying how the world would imminently end because of emissions from fossil fuel engines.

Al Gore


Michael Bloomberg


In 2018, remember, climate alarmist child Greta Thunburg tweeted some ‘scientist’ who claimed “all of humanity” would be “wiped out” unless “we stop using fossil fuels over the next five years.”

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