Tucker Carlson: Those ‘who run our country’ are bringing ‘child molestation’ to the ‘edge of acceptability’


by Patrick Delaney, LifeSite News:

Religious and ethical moral norms, that is “taboos,” which have allowed American society to govern itself, are being rapidly undermined and replaced by “the people who run our country,” argues Tucker Carlson in the second installment of his new show on Twitter.

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This has brought about a softening of attitudes toward many established “taboos,” such as adultery, drug use, racism, and now — the former Fox News host warns — child molestation.

In order to “control [even] what people think,” dictators “need to take charge of the society’s taboos,” Carlson asserted.

“A taboo is something that, by popular consensus, is not allowed. A taboo may not be illegal, but it doesn’t need to be. Over time, social prohibitions are more powerful and more enduring than laws,” he said demonstrating how religious societies, such as traditional Christians, govern themselves through their rejection of behaviors like adultery.

Other commentators will use the language of “public religion” to describe this framework of norms, stating quite frankly that for America, this framework used to be Christianity and biblical norms, and “everybody knew that.”

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