It’s Time to Go for Woke Hollywood’s Jugular


by JD Rucker, Discern Report:

Over the past two months, we’ve seen a shift in the way movie failures are being reported by corporate media. There was a time not too long ago when every excuse possible was made for why “woke” movies didn’t perform well. Sometimes, they would blame world events. Other times, they’d blame a vast rightwing conspiracy. They used to blame Covid a lot, and that was at least partially true.

But they never blamed wokeness.


Lately, they’ve at least started mentioning it in some corporate media reviews and movie postmortems. They never come out and say that wokeness is bad, but at least they’re acknowledging that many films by companies like Disney are “controversial,” and the controversy “contributed” to their box office failures.

Admittedly, this was not the trend I expected. If you asked me in March or April how corporate media would report on Hollywood’s growing list of woke bombs, I would have said they would continue to try to hide the fact and blame “bigots” on the right for not being inclusive enough to let their kids be indoctrinated by LGBT propaganda or Critical Race Theory injected into plotlines.

Is the truth becoming too blatant for even corporate media to ignore? If so, now is the time to strike. And by strike, I mean ramp up efforts to inform our friends and relatives about two things. First, we need to continue to lambast woke movies. Lightyear suffered from such warnings, not just in media but through word of mouth. Second, we may need to support movies that are not woke… if you are among those who still watch movies. I personally do not, though I will make rare exceptions for movies that are on target.

Between proving to them that woke movies are unsuccessful while rewarding unwoke movies with success, we can actually make them change. But here’s the thing. A large part of me hopes they don’t change. The only reason I’d like to see a change at all is because I’m aware of the influence they have over many Americans. However, that may not be enough for me to hope they improve.

That large part of me that doesn’t want them to change really wants them to completely fail. Would America be better off if Hollywood learned its lesson or if Hollywood failed to oblivion? I’m leaning toward the latter. An irrelevant Hollywood is, in my humble opinion, better for America than one that reluctantly starts making better business decisions. This is why I believe we should go for the jugular and stop watching anything they put out at all. Sound of Freedom may be the last Hollywood movie I ever watch.

Even if we push them to take notice of their dwindling bank accounts, they won’t stop promoting demonic ideas. They’ll just be more subtle. Perhaps we won’t get anything overtly woke like the recent Velma debacle, but the evil in Hollywood is so pervasive that they’ll simply sink back into the shadows a bit with less obvious indoctrination messages. They’ll still squeeze “inclusivity” into kids’ shows. They’ll still dishonor American patriotism, Christians, and straight white men as much as possible. It’s baked into who they are. The only way to truly “fix” Hollywood is to put them out of business. Incremental changes won’t do the trick.

With that said, here’s an article by Tyler Durden from Zero Hedge that details their current trajectory toward irrelevance.

Woke Hollywood Sinks Into Irrelevance After Multiple Box Office Failures

The formula for box office success these days seems rather simple – Produce a solid story with relatable and likable characters, and tell that story in a setting that makes sense with as few distractions and tangents as possible.  In other words, make a normal movie without the intent to manipulate your audience with propaganda.

Most movies that follow this basic formula will rake in the cash.  Any movie that insists on browbeating the audience will bomb; get woke, go broke.  The problem is that Hollywood elitists just can’t help themselves.  They think they’re smarter than the audience and smarter than the box office, and they would rather lose their entire business and fade into obscurity than admit the truth:  The market dictates the success or failure of popular media, the media does not dictate the market.

To be fair, the media culture we live in today is far different from what it was even 10 years ago.  The entertainment industry is no longer interested in keeping the public happy or distracted, they’re only interested in “platforms.”  They see every movie and every popular franchise as a vehicle to deliver their gospel, the gospel of woke.  It is likely that they believe if they saturate the market long enough and thoroughly enough with their messaging that one day the public will just give up and accept woke as the new normal.

This isn’t happening.  There’s been a flurry of film flops in the past year which have made it obvious that Hollywood is imploding instead of gaining influence.

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