Boycotts: The Big 3 – BlackRock, Vanguard & State Street


by Helena Glass, Lew Rockwell:

The backlash boycotts against Disney, Bud Light and now Target have been massive and effective.  While Bud Light attempted to rectify their misaligned marketing campaign, Target has taken the ideology to extreme levels in promoting trans conversions for ‘children’.   The Target marketing strategy was NOT in the adult section of the store – it was pushing an agenda on children’s clothing.   These are Public Companies with fiduciary responsibilities and duties to their shareholders – that could result in lawsuits for gross mismanagement.


In 2023, Disney has lost 6.4 million subscribers as a direct result of their internal policies.   Since March 2021 when the boycott began the share price of Disney has tanked from $197 per share to just $88.   Target’s share price has dropped a full 13% since the boycott began just ten days ago translating to a $10 billion loss.   Unlike Bud Light, Target doubled down;  adding satanic clothing for children.

The bottom line of marketing strategy is to increase sales thru an understanding of who your market audience is.   Less than half of 1% of people in the US identify as trans.   I remember when BLM began its racist canvassing campaign – Jesse Waters started the college campus crusade equipped with a microphone and some basic questions.   His comedy revealed that the uneducated college grads thought the US population demographic were comprised of over 50% black vs 13%.    Why?  Because the media pushed that belief.

Today the media push is to create the impression that the trans community is representative of 10%-20% of the US population and they ALL are pedophiles looking to convert your children.   In actuality – the source of this version of wokeness is born primarily in schools.   Schools funded by tax dollars thru Department of Education and Property Taxes.   Property Taxes are supposed to fund based on “enrollment”.

In that revelation – the best means of boycotting trans indoctrination of children would be to pull your children from public education.   As schools face reduced enrollment, they have a choice in reducing trans aligned woke teaching or conservative teachers dedicated to helping children achieve!   Like public companies – that choice is a bottom line depression.    Homeschooling being the most viable option it has evolved into an enterprise of its own!

In a true Capitalist society, the executives of corporations are paid based on performance.   They are rewarded based on performance.   A negative performance would typically result in their dismissal or the forfeiture of a large portion of their salary.   Target executives and the Board apparently don’t care – and that is concerningly odd.

When boycotts are rabid – Target’s CEO, Brian Cornell, made the corporate decision to suffer losses on behalf of their shareholders.   Knowingly.   In defense, Cornell is claiming his policies have been the ‘driver of growth’ via diversity, equity and inclusion.   That declaration is false – Target’s Leadership team has one black.   Cornell has been Target’s CEO since 2014.   When he came onboard the stock was trading at roughly $60 per share.   By July 2021, Target shares had risen to $260.   Today the stock has dropped nearly 50%, Net Income is at its lowest level since 2017 and EPS have dropped nearly 60% year over year.

Who is really driving the Corporate Wokeness?

The answer is the Hedge Funds:   BlackRock, Vanguard, and State Street who are among the largest investors of all major corporations.  They make the rules, initiate the Credit Scoring system that all corporations must abide by or have their business literally destroyed.   These Funds force the incorporation of ESG.   In the case of BlackRock, Larry Fink is the progenitor of all things Liberal Agenda compliance.

BlackRock is now the largest Hedge Fund in the world holding over $10 TRILLION in assets.   Fink sits on the board of the World Economic Forum.   BlackRock’s fame began in 2008 when the Bush administration contracted with them to help ‘cleanup the contrived financial meltdown’.   This move cemented BlackRock’s power within the CIA/Obama alliance.   Over the following 13 years, BlackRock’s portfolio increased 1000% and its share price tripled.

In 2019, Fink declared he would divest BlackRock of fossil fuel companies.   Despite that declaration, the Fund owns 92m shares of ConocoPhillips, 39m shares of Marathon Petroleum, 47m shares of EOG Resources, 33m shares of Valero Energy and 134m shares of Chevron.  What the portfolio lacks is solar and wind farms.   There is no ESG.   It died because it wasn’t profitable.

BlackRock owns 7.5%% of State Street, with a total of $8 trillion under management.   They own nearly 14% of Vanguard which has assets under management stated to be $7.2 trillion.   Vanguard owns 8.4% of BlackRock, and State Street owns 4.2% of BlackRock.  These three Institutions hold roughly 18.5% of Disney.   It is a circular CLUB.

When conservatives initiate boycotts the losses sustained by the individual companies also hit these Monster Hedge Funds!  That equates to losses for these Institutional Holders when conservatives Boycott.   That is Power.

These three hedge funds control $25 trillion in assets – ¼ of Global GDP.   This is why they continue to believe that they are the Global Chosen Ones.   By comparison, the BRICs control 31.5% of global GDP having surpassed the G7 at 30%.     Bloomberg estimates this skew will grow exponentially by 2030 when the BRIC’s will control 50% of global GDP.   China is the largest BRIC member.   While demonizing the China narrative, in reality all US intelligence agencies concur that wooing China is imperative.

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