Yellen & Biden Should be Impeached to Save America?


by Martin Armstrong, Armstrong Economics:

Janet Yellen has become way too partisan to be a trustworthy government official. Since Biden now says he will nominate a Latina for Fed governor regardless if they are qualified or not is precisely why SVB failed for starters. Everyone just wants to be WOKE and hire people based entirely on their race or gender preference. SVB hired risk managers to check a box – not for qualifications. Had they simply subscribed to Socrates they would have been hedged.


Why is Yellen still there? She would be fired being a white over-the-hill official. Or is it that she is just like Biden and says whatever the people writing cue cards instruct her to say next?

All Yellen does now illustrates if she ever had any economic qualification. She is either corrupted or senile. Yellen just preached that the Biden Administration should be allowed to spend recklessly and it’s all Republican fault about a default. She said that the US will default somewhere if the debt limit isn’t raised. How about we start with ending the Ukrainian black hole? How about the $3 trillion unaccounted for in the Pentagon budget?

Janet Yellen and Biden should not wear masks, they should be gagged. Yellen only claims doom and gloom and it is all the Republican fault. She said that they will have to renege on “some obligation, whether it’s Treasuries or payments to Social Security recipients,” if Congress fails to act. You can bet that she will default on Social Security before anything else to inflict as much pain on people and then blame the Republicans for the next election.

Neither Biden nor Yellen should be in office. They are spending recklessly with no regard for the economy or the American people. What they have given Ukraine would have paid off ALL student loans. They constantly screw the American people all for the agendas of the Neocons and the Climate Change zealots. Since the FBI infiltrated the Catholic Church because of this gender nonsense, all Catholics should go light a candle and pray for the United States to be split sooner rather than later. It is rapidly approaching the time to just turn out the lights on this failed government experiment.

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